Wicked Twister- next on the chopping block?

Looks like California's Great America may end up getting Wicked Twister... I really hope this isn't the case and they are going to build a new ride, but it wouldn't shock me to see the ride gone in a few years https://www.facebook.com/insidecga/photos/pcb.1640381222922901/1640...=3&theater

That's not Wicked Twister, thats Posessed at Dorney Park. And there are many impulses in the US, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's another one.

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The photo most certainly is Wicked Twister. "Twists at the ends." I thought of this scenario when I read through this plan earlier this morning. Now obviously this is just a theoretical plan.

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What? By that logic, CGA is also getting Diamondback from KI and Patriot from WoF. The much more likely explanation is they just used stock photos of similar rides at other CF parks for that promo material.

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"...the specific rides shown should be taken more as an indication of the kind of rides the park is considering rather than a definitive shopping list of new additions."

I think this quote answers that question.

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That must be where they are sending Mean Streak.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

read the description for the impulse coaster... highly doubt Cedar Fair is buying another Intamin ride...

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From the description, it's either Wicked Twister or a copy-cat version of it they are discussing. I also wouldn't put much stock in the fact that they used a picture of Wicked Twister, but yes, that most certainly is WT, and a perfect description of the ride. The only question is, are they currently (and I would stress currently) planning on getting Wicked Twister, or is the park planning on building a clone?

There is no way to know if WT sits on property the park plans to develop differently, but it's not exactly a far-fetched idea. It sits next to that horrendously ugly stadium, which I can certainly see as being on the chopping block at some point in the near future. Get rid of both and you have a nice area to re-imagine.

To be honest, I don't really pay much attention to Wicked Twister. I don't hate it, for sure, but now that I think about it, it's always been sort of a "forgettable" ride. I have zero doubt, though, that it is very popular with many people. If you would ask me to name 3 rides next to go, I certainly would not have thought about Wicked Twister as an option.

It's an interesting discussion, though, at least. Winter just started.

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Most of the time I walk by Wicked Twister, unless there's a small line and will jump in for a spin. If WT is removed, I won't miss it. Interesting conversation and a breath of fresh air compared to that exhausted MS thread.

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On one hand, it doesn't make much sense to ship it to another park, in my opinion. Doesn't CF look at attractions according to, among other things, a cost-per-rider metric? If so, can CGA seriously better support WT than CP? That seems very unlikely.

But on the other hand, shipping WT to CGA seems more likely than CF working with Intamin on a new coaster for the park. Unless they're getting it for a steep discount as a reconciliation for the StR debacle.


I posted something similar on Facebook... The description most certainly sounds like a Wicked Twister clone or a relocated Wicked Twister. It's definitely not Possessed, the twin spiraling towers and the height are giveaways there. I hope they don't pull WT from CP. I think it's the most underrated coaster at the park.


Since this topic of conversation involves CGA's master plan for the future it's important to think about Cedar Point's potential long-term plans as well. Looking ahead five years from now Wicked Twister will be older than Mantis was when it was converted to a floorless coaster. As Kevinj pointed out CP may have other plans for that area. Although WT could be relocated within the park Cedar Fair might believe it would be a more desirable attraction in a different market where it can be offered as a new ride. With CGA potentially switching to year-round operation perhaps Cedar Fair sees this as an area for growth. A relocated Wicked Twister could provide additional capacity in relatively small footprint.

Having said that, this type of presentation doesn't necessarily indicate anything other than offering potential types of rides that may be coming to the park in the future. They may end up getting a similar ride from a different manufacturer or no launch coaster at all.

Personally I hope it's a clone. That area with GateKeeper, MaxAir and WT all bunched up together is one of my favorite places to be in the park. Not to mention WT is thrilling and fun in my book.

5 years from now anything is possible. Seeing that it has such a small footprint and keeps the view of the water pretty open, I don't see it going anywhere.

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What we are looking at is a perfect example of a long-term projected park plan, something we love to talk about here with regards to Cedar Point. So now we have a working example to watch and see. Next year; 100% decided. 2 years out; major stuff known, minor stuff unknown. 3 - 5 years; really solid ideas, but subject to change due to unseen variables in the park locally and around the chain.

Put this in the "far enough out that this is just one of a few realities you might see at the park" category. For now.

As far as CGA, the rides listed are possibilities; strong enough that they have made it to the top-level discussions of being serious possibilities. But no guarantees. Let's also just assume (for fun) that it is Wicked Twister they are referring to. All that really means at this point is that Cedar Point has earmarked that plot of land a soon-to-be renovated area.

I would actually argue that from a pure Cedar Point perspective, it makes sense. That little midway in front of the stadium has always felt odd since the dolphins left. The stadium is an eyesore, and even if you just remove that you have an another relatively large chunk of beach-front property to mess around with; part of which has been enhanced with the new Lakeside Pavilion.Take away Twister, and that plot of land just got a whole lot bigger.

If you asked me to name the next 3 rides to go, Wicked Twister would not be the list.

However, if you asked me to name the next 3 areas of the park to be redone, that area is near the TOP of my list.

In fact, if you asked me to name the one "thing" at Cedar Point that will absolutely not be there in 2020, the ugly stadium is a sure thing in my opinion.

That's why I don't think this is as far fetched as some might initially think. I've never been to CGA, nor am I familiar with their crowds, but if the park is expanding, well...something has to come, and I agree with DJ that it seems much, much more likely that they would ship out Wicked Twister rather than purchase a new one from Intamin. to 99.99% of CGA's crowd, it would be a brand new ride.

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Kevinj said:

However, if you asked me to name the next 3 areas of the park to be redone, that area is near the TOP of my list.

Agreed, and in fact Kiddie Kingdom would be #1 on that list, in my opinion.

The stadium is an eyesore, and even if you just remove that you have an another relatively large chunk of beach-front property to mess around with; part of which has been enhanced with the new Lakeside Pavilion.Take away Twister, and that plot of land just got a whole lot bigger.

And if you take out Kiddie Kingdom, suddenly that plot is enormous. Move the Kiddie Kingdom rides to the plot where the stadium currently is, and then you've got a nice, cohesive kids' area, stretching from Planet Snoopy all the way to the Beach Gate, which is conveniently close to Breakers. Additional freed-up space from WT, Giant Wheel, etc. could go toward additional kids' rides, like clones of Flying Ace and Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, for example. And there would still be a substantial plot of land left over at the former Kiddie Kingdom site, which might make for a more natural site for an outdoor entertainment venue.


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Absolutely. Planet Snoopy is a nice, cohesive, well-put together kids area. Kiddie Kingdom just feels (and looks) like a hodge-podge of randomly tossed together rides. Which makes sense, since that it exactly what it is.

Well I think we've settled it!

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Wasn't that area JUST redone though with Gatekeeper?

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The area between WS and Gatekeeper hasn't been touched since Giant Wheel moved there in 2000, I think. And Kiddie Kingdom is one of the most dilapidated areas on the entire peninsula.


Depends on your definition of 'touched', I'd agree with that assessment. It has been touched, just not in the right way. Every ride to the east of the entire span of the main midway, with the exception of Wicked Twister, maXair, Windseeker, and Gatekeeper is a relocated ride from elsewhere in the park (or Geauga Lake). Ever since 2000, that area hasn't been designed with a long term vision but more so just a conglomeration of rides that had to be moved. And a few of the placements are hideous.

Giant Wheel, Troika, Chaos (before it met it's end), Planet Snoopy (this one was done well in my opinion), Tiki Twirl, Ocean Motion (also done well), Dodgem, Joe Cool's Dodgem. All relocations.

In my opinion, everything within that area of the park, aside from Gatekeeper, maXair and Lakeside Pavilion, is fair game for destruction and re-invisioning.

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