Who will be There Opening Day 06'

Anyone already made plans?

Count me in! I'll definitely be there opening day!

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I'll be there.

I'll be missing unfortunatly, but I will be ther sometime during opening week... I think it'll be Monday, Tuesday, Wednsday, and leaving Thursday morning.

Either that or Thursday, Friday, and leaving Saturday.

I will be there. Staying at lighthouse point. Cant wait!!!!

I'll be there!! How much longer to go??

MikeyB said:
I'll be there!! How much longer to go??

96 days 22 hours and 3 minutes till Opening day 2006

Walt! Start the countdown clock like you did last year!

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We'll be there. I'd be really mad if I missed an opening day at CP. :)

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I'll be there, unless I have to work.

I'm not going to be there unfortuantley. However I'm counting down till the day it opens still!

I'll be there for sure....only missed one in the past 4 years...

Arms down, head back, and hold on.....

Pointbuzz partaaay outside the main gate 8 am! I'll bring the pop, we need hot dogs, chips, etc...

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Hotdogs at 0800? Ew. Doughnuts maybe.

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I'll be there. [Most likely with 39 others]


We were suppost to have a Pointbuzz party outside the MF line last day which didn't happen. We need to get Jeff or Walt to organize everything. lol.

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I will deffinately be there. My girlfriend and I have to go and get our penny that we hid on the last day of '05. We did the same thing in '04. It's one of those pennys that you flatten in one of those machines. In '04 we put it in between two stones on a building by MF. On opening day of '05, we went right to the spot and it took a little searching but we found it and got it back. ( Also got some funny looks from people wondering what we were looking for...lol ). So this year, if you see two people at the Good Times Theatre looking in between the blocks, that's us.

I will definately be there.

If anyone is goign to be at the Magnum gate, I'm going to try my hardest to be one of the first in line so I can be on the first public Skyhawk ride. Anyone with me on that?

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