Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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This has been a thing for years.

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There was an early rumor/speculation they may be renovating the entire dragster midway alongside the ride. Have any of the hints leaned towards or away from this idea? Wonder if that particular restroom may be next in their "multi year restroom" plan. Could they fit a larger restaurant anywhere in that area? Coasters to Bbq is a pretty long stretch without one.

Call me blasphemous for suggesting it. But if we get a full midway update I’d love to see Power Tower come down and Super Himalaya removed and a version of Tundra Twister that Wonderland just got being installed. Would also fit with Tony’s remark about a skyline change….

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While I'd love to see a modern new flat ride, I will always want CP to have a drop tower attraction of some sort, and Power Tower is a great looking structure IMO. And I love the lighting package at night. Himalaya is entirely expendable as far as I'm concerned.

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Personally I just don’t see the need for CP to have a drop tower. They aren’t anything special and every time I’ve been in recent memory the number of people actually riding it has been….. lackluster to say the least. Putting in a Tundra Twister variant would bring in a modern and very unique ride experience to the park that at the moment you have to go all the way to Canada to get anywhere else

Why would both of those attractions need to be removed to add that one ride? You must have taken amusement park planning 101 from the same school as Cedar Point, where a football field sized plot of land must be cleared in order to add anything.

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If I’m not mistaken (have not seen TT in person) Tundra Twister has a much larger footprint than Power Tower as well as a pad for swing clearance. Not to mention the fact that Super Himalaya in that area just feels like it’s jammed in randomly.

According to comments, CW (Land of the Thrilling Flats) has done a great job of squeezing Tundra Twister in where it is. It comes awfully close to Yukon Striker. But I’ve also thought that a Mondial Avalanche would be a great addition to Cedar Point. And I can think of several places that wouldn’t require removal of Power Tower, with the space vacated by Matterhorn and Scrambler leading the list. The width of the ride is 35 meters, depth is 18. That’s just the footprint, I suppose, but CW’s swings over the sidewalk. So, yeah.

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Personally, I like Canada's Wonderland Skyhawk better than CPs. Also, Power Tower isn't just a "drop" tower. That's what I enjoy the most about it. Being shot up or being shot down, not just dropped.

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Gotta be honest, I don't think it's logistically possible to remove a ride the height of Power Tower.

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That has to be satire. Please tell me that's satire.

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Power Tower could easily be renewed with minimal capital investment:

Would be awesome to see the spin shot seats implemented so that the operations could be like the old Vertigo or even randomized so every ride is different.

Oh yesss! To be thrust down while facing the ground would be so cool! And then the shot side could be programmed so that you are facing the sky!

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Ok now that I could get behind

Leave Power Tower alone! It's okay the way it is. Not everybody likes spinning.

Oh no, I do not want it to spin - just positioned toward the sky or ground. I can't do the spinning much anymore either.

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...every time I’ve been in recent memory the number of people actually riding it has been….. lackluster to say the least.

How many riders does Power Tower entertain each season? And what is the annual operating cost of the ride? And what is CF's target for cost per rider for a ride of this type? And what would be the cost per rider for a Mondial Avalanche? These are among the metrics used to determine whether or not to replace a ride, not subjective perceptions of a single guest.

The width of the ride is 35 meters, depth is 18.

Probably a coincidence, but that's about exactly the footprint where Scrambler and the nacho stand were.


There are 4 towers. Would be simple to upgrade two of them and leave two the same. But I imagine the GP would prefer the new experience. It would be akin to Falcons Fury a Busch gardens.

Honestly I could get behind an updated Power Tower. But as it stands I just don’t think it is a needed ride at the Point. I’ve brought up taking it out both here and other places before and you’d think by the reaction I get for even suggesting it that it constantly has the longest lines in the park. It’s a tired old ride that could be replaced by a number of more modern, interesting and unique ride experiences.

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