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for those stating the LSM launch will be significantly less powerful because it only hits 74 mph in the same length. Well, I'm not sure it's the same launch length. My guess with the switch track is it may launch from deeper down the track than TTD 1's launch point?

That said, I don't disagree the launch is highly unlikely to have that incredible OOMPH of the hydraulic launch. Although I too will miss that, the gains are :(1) greater reliability ( i pray!). (2) greater capacity (3) longer ride experience, and I do think the back spike will be tremendous!

I'm eagerly awaiting this!

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Yes, we'll close this sooner than later. After thousands of replies, it's not really a single topic. There's nothing search-worthy about it.

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I believe the videos were embedded on the page that was discovered.

Right, I'm talking about whoever created the page and embedded them in the first place. If the theory is that a rogue hacker put up a fake page on Zamperla's website, they would have also needed to get into their Youtube account to get the unlisted links to embed.

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Sorry PeakSix, I quoted the wrong post. That was supposed to be referring to the naysayers thinking the page was hacked and the videos were fake.

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It's like Christmas Eve. After you've snooped. A little.

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Here's something fun that my friend Brian thought of -- what if the trains are backwards. Meaning; the first launch goes up the top hat at 74 mph backwards. The second launch goes up the spike at 1O1 mph froward, and for the final launch up and over the top hat / 27O spiral, the train is backwards.

That adds a new element to the experience.

I like Brian’s creativity…I don’t like his chances.

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I thought it be cool if these trains use the onboard audio and play the original Baby I'm ready to go during the ride.

And at night, have 100mph+ racing lights down the track synced to the trains speed so it looks like we are chasing the lights down the track to simulate it looking like we are going even faster than we are.

Shizzzon --

That's a wicked idea that I absolutely love!

I know I’d much rather be facing forward down the spike and top hat than backward.

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I'll second that motion. I think most people would.

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Twas' the night before the announcement and all through Pointbuzz,

The forum was stirring about the ride that once was.

The postings were posted in threads with great care,

With false hopes that the ride would go 500 feet in the air.

While the most anxious members sat tight in their beds,

Visions of chicken tenders danced through Shades’ head.

Walt in his kerchief and Jeff in his cap,

Is just a funny thing to picture so pretend they’re taking a nap. Or something.

We learned about cofferdams, footers, and shear keys,

And why the color of straps reveals manufacturer’s identities.

When out on the interwebs their rose such a clatter,

All the members logged on to see what was the matter.

Away to their laptops they logged on in a flurry,

A leak had been leaked so they needed to hurry!

When what to their wondering eyes should appear,

But a mistake from Zamperla’s new intern Alexander McPheer.

Poor Alex hit buttons he shouldn’t have pressed,

And now OnPointTony and his crew were all stressed.

Three launches, new trains, a 420-foot spike!

A ride resurrected, what isn’t to like?

And yet some members predictably complained,

On their illogical ideas, Alex’s info had rained.

The announcement is close, and while most posters are tired,

Take a moment of silence for Alex who was fired.

It’s Christmas Eve for Cedar Point fans all over the planet.

Tomorrow isn’t promised, so try to enjoy it.

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Lol poor Alex. He should totally blame Queue Anon.

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Yes, we'll close this sooner than later.

Me when the thread closes:

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

I like Brians Idea, but, have every other train facing backward then we can choose which way we face

How about majority vote before you leave the switcher. I know its been done, but not on something this big.

I won't complain about the ride but I will complain about the ad placement in between paragraphs on this forum

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Started a new thread for Top Thrill 2 (I still can’t believe the name).

Closed topic.

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