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nah, by may we will know what it is.

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We'll know WAY before May. Plus, why would we need a physical clue, with specific instructions to hold on to them for almost a year, only be to be told in May of 2024, "Surprise, those keychains were relating to this new ride we already announced back in August! Nothing more."?

Tony heavily emphasized making sure we take care of them until next May. This implies a transaction of some kind will take place. If you were to lose it and they serve no other purpose other than being a "hint", you're not missing out on anything come May and it was pointless giving a bunch of people that specific object. All signs point to this serving as our first hard clue AND a possible "first rider pass".

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If Intamin is heavily involved you probably will want to hold onto them until June

Well I would upvote that, but it now missing on my end too.

Now there’s unending speculation over what Jeff meant in his comment about unending speculation.

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Nah...that's already ended. We're back to keychain.

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That is so 2024. What is happening in 2025?

So my new vote for the name. Pulsar. The keychain logo looks like a P AND dual magnets. A pulsar is an electromagnetic emitting rotating star. The way the little ends of the shapes stick off the sides logo has the feel of common diagrams of the radiation beams coming from a Pulsar on diagrams. And it fits a space theming like folks have been hoping/speculating for.

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I'm surprised Tony passed those things out with the word Pulsar so off center. 😉. Must have been printed by Intamin.

Sit tight fellas ;)

They way he was talking about they keychain, I thought it was some reference to a similar hint to a past announcement and that I'd come back here to a comparison to dragsters original reveal, or some other historical reference before my time.

Guess everyone's just as confused as I was. Is there a chance it is just a stylized CP that they never found a reason to sell or distribute and decided to get rid of them and troll enthusiasts at the same time?

Seems that Tony has unwittingly reinvented the Rorschach test.

Since he said keep it until next year. It will get you a front of the line pass.

Saw some people online suggesting it is nothing and was given out to mess with enthusiasts. But I don’t know that Tony would have bothered with pushing the “Keep it till May don’t lose it!” Line if it was a fake.

For what its worth, Im looking to purchase someone's keychain if they have no use for it. I live in Arizona now, so I can only go like once a year.


Well I would upvote that, but it now missing on my end too.

Not to further this side conversation, but it looks like a Chrome problem to me. If I open a PointBuzz thread in Safari or Firefox, the votes show up as usual.

I have no vote up button, or votes showing. On MS Edge.

Same issue on C'Buzz

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I think the line work of the logo on the keychains (whatever it is) is the latest nod towards the Formula 1 retheme hints that were first suggested in the 2024 teaser video.

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Well, the vote button is gone because something change in the Chromium project. They broke computed sizing or margins or something. I'll look into it, but it's a browser bug so I don't necessarily know how I'll get around it.

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I just upvoted your post. Dolphin browser on mobile still working.

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Still working on the mobile version of chrome.

Closed topic.

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