Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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2 horseshoe magnets is an interesting one. Red and black for opposing polarity. 🤔

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Looks like an oval racetrack…two top hats confirmed

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Before I get blasted, the following is extremely tongue-in-cheek:

Polarity is awful close to "Polaris" which was a registered trademark, though I believe that trademark has lapsed.

The magnets could also signify the switch to a magnetic launch for TRFKATTD.

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Ohio State Horseshoe-Stadium theme confirmed.

Strange that I never thought of the classic "Red/Grey" magnet colors that we always see depicted.

Fun times. :)

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I'm not going back in this monstrosity of a thread to find it, but wasn't there gray test paint on a support at one point?

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That was mentioned somewhere, but like you I have neither the time or energy to figure out where.

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🧲 🧲


If they keep a racing theme it could be a stylized O for Overdrive/OverDrive/Over Drive

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So begins the longest two and a half months in PointBuzz history. Tony, when next we meet, you owe me a beer or four.

Also, DP = director of photography.

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I'm seeing a magnet too with the colors and shape. Could definitely be the letter "P" we're seeing. And Polaris sounds pretty cool for a name.....that is, if they are still able to use it.

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Count me in on them beers ;)

Sit tight fellas ;)

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Two and a half months, Jeff? Do you know about some announcement that may be happening? 🤔😉

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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I would guess that he’s talking about the typical Cedar Point timeline of announcing new stuff in early to mid August.

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It is a special missing piece or key to be presented at the ride entrance come 2024 allowing those in possession of one exclusive first day ride privileges. Soon to be found on e-bay or facebook marketplace for insane costs.

Sort of Indiana Jones-ish.

I'm sure Jeff is referring to Kylepark's earlier post here that shows a banner at the park stating that an announcement will be made on August 13. Hence the "two and a half month" comment.

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That August 13th banner pic is almost 11 years old (it was for Gatekeeper) so I'm pretty sure he's not referring to that.

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Any update on what happened or was said at the Q&A?

As I understand it, during the Q&A was when the "keep these keychains until May 2024, at which time they'll be useful" comment was made.


Oops, my bad! I was wondering why the gatekeeper artwork was on that banner. I need to pay better attention. Thanks for pointing that out.

I think it’s DP, not CP.

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or Double Penetration, slogan can be “the ride of your life” ;)

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Could just be that when the ride opens in May that the keychains will become useful in the sense that they will actually represent something. The fact that it will be useful in May IS the hint that its a clue to the new ride not necessarily a secret pass to ride it.

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