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CPS is really in need of some maintenance. Half the water features are not working on Runaway Rapids, plus they completely removed the waterfall feature and replaced it with a retaining wall. Also noticed the caulking is looking rather cracked and weathered. The ride is a shell of its former self. Starting to wonder if it is on the chopping block.

The outer slides on Perch Plunge have not been operating on all three of our CPS visits.

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I can see the ads now...

Promoter of fog.

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Brought to you by Home Depot…..oh wait, wrong chain.

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I dunno... caulking is pretty expensive. It could alter the EBITA, so I suspect, instead, for 2022 it will be an"opportunity" to "leave your mark"...

Announcer: Please place all used chewing gum into areas where you see poor caulking. Go to the CP Shorez app and take a snap to be on the "wall of fame".

Low-cost guest "engagement" and helps with the gum disposal problems on the chairs, tables, umbrellas, midways, stoats, ramps, handrails, ceilings (no, really), llamas, and doorknobs.

Could even be a T-shirt "I helped caulk CP Shores!" or just "Oh Caulk!"...

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We were there today and back behind the fence at the back I saw some white and blue shrink wrapped items... Could be new coaster???

^ Could you please share a photo later?

Unfortunately I did not get a picture. Is anyone headed to the point this week and snoop around?

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Scott Sarah, someday maybe your wild webcam or in-person speculation might actually ring true. And on that day I'll be very happy for you. But odds are extremely likely that whatever you saw wrapped up is not new coaster track. Could be something for Haunt, a replacement part for an attraction, a new fryer for a restaurant... the list goes on.

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^ Dvo, as a very skilled Smoking Area Drone Pilot, perhaps you could maneuver it over the location she specified for some footage. But I forgot they moved the smoking areas out of the park.

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^Then where the heck have I been sitting with all these smokers?! ;)

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Anybody hear any rumors of where Wicked Twister might head? Hopefully you guys say something other than the scrap yard.

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My Dad said they are giving it away to a farmer out in the country and it will have lots of room to do is wicked twisty thing and not bother anyone. It will be much happier there.

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I've been seeing some pretty good points as to why it won't move. Cost of materials on site (especially when businesses could use a boost in cash), age of the system, inefficiency of the drive system (Lim vs lsm), comparitive cost of a new system at another park, etc. I'm not sure at this point but certainly curious to see what happens.

Also since my stomping grounds is mainly the point, I'm very curious to see what will be replacing the ride. That's going to be a pretty substantial plot for a ride or a venue.

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I seem to recall hearing that the welders were spending a lot of time on it the last couple of years, which does not bode well for it being relocated.

I'm sure they've already purchased whatever is going to be the eventual next coaster, but I am all in now on wanting a Mack Extreme spinner. I loved Time Traveler, but this new one, The Ride to Happiness, looks insane. CP (or KI on the Vortex plot) would be able to go big like Plopsaland did.

I watched Canobie Coaster's review and Theme Park Worldwide's vlog about it, and I'm blown away. Both of them have huge credit counts and rated it as elite. Time Traveler seemed also very popular overall, as you can't just build something because the super small enthusiast community loves them. I am looking to get out there in 2022 if travel restrictions are in a good spot, wow it just looks spectacular. The theming would probably not be as intense at a Cedar Fair park, but the trains themselves are a show stopper.

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^Completely agree. Time Traveler blew me away on my only visit to SDC. Such a unique ride experience, and every ride is truly different than the last. I'd love to see something like that at one of the parks I go to more regularly.

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Anybody hear any rumors of Rougarou lately? My friend said he saw something on Reddit about it possibly being gone by the end of 2022. Hopefully you guys say something other than the scrap yard.

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I would think that given that the conversion wasn't too long ago, and that to my knowledge Rougarou isn't particularly troublesome nor costly to operate, it's not going anywhere in the immediate future. I suppose it could be possible if they have very specific plans for that area, but that too would be surprising.

One thing that will be interesting is that when they eventually decide to retire Iron Dragon (which I hope they never do, for the record), is Rougarou still gonna be there? It would kind of makes sense to remove both considering that with both rides gone, the options for that area are much more wide open compared to just taking out one or the other.

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Those 2 rides are on around 8 acres of land...hmmm. I wish ID had been more like the current Bat so I could be concerned for it. I know kids love it, though. Rougarou could be moved to MiAd but that would cost more than new trash cans.

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What ID lacks in relative thrill it makes up for in its location among the trees and lagoon, as well as the picturesque pretzel photo op. Obviously it was better before TTD and the subsequent ID paint job, but still, even as hardened, cynical adults we still dig Iron Dragon.


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