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At least ID is mild enough that it should last for a while...kinda like the car you buy from the little old lady.

I fully support removing Rougarou. I think it’s rough, features an unfun floorless layout, and doesn’t add anything unique to CP’s coaster lineup (which has three other “floorless” coasters).

And now that’s WT gone, does anyone think Rougarou is not the least popular adult coaster in the park?

Plus, I think the lagoon-adjacent location is prime real estate that could be put towards better uses.

I realize the floorless conversion was done fairly recently, but that’s a sunk cost at this point.

On the other hand, I rode Iron Dragon for the first time this season in several seasons, and I actually think it’s a good coaster. No, it’s not particularly intense, but I think the swinging through the trees is a lot of fun. And it’s very comfortable! I think Iron Dragon would be a perfect family coaster if it’s height requirement we’re still 46” (or, like Ninja, 42”).

I assume Iron Dragon won’t last forever, but with a new color scheme (please!), I think it should stick around for a while longer.

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^ Well I fully respect your opinion. In my head though, I'd be very sad to see it go. As you see in my signature, what's wrong with me? I love Rougarou!

^ Lol Sorry! I’m glad you love it. I dare say I loved WT, so I get the feeling.

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Iron Dragon at night was a must-do, before Mantis and TTD, when the layout was deeper in the woods.

Still like ID, and I agree that Rougarou doeth sucketh.

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Rougarou just needs some new restraints to make it rideable. I want to like the ride so bad, but can't because I leave the ride with a mild concussion everytime

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CP needs a sick single rail. These are great on space and I can see one near the beach. I would be Kool with the dream boardwalk also. I want a sick log flume and dark rides! Also Magic Mountain killing it with #20. I'm all about quality over quantity; If Rougarou goes, then that is a prime area for a log flume coaster hybrid or a sick Woodie!


I have always been an advocate for capacity, and I would typically argue that an RMC single rail would not have great capacity. But with the past few years it seems like the focus on capacity and moving the line has diminished. It’s sad for how many people the park pulls in being a seasonal park. Speaking of which, I thought RMC had another single rail coaster that sat 2 across (T-Rex track?). Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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Yes, T-Rex track was at least a concept at one point, though I don't think ever listed as an available product. It has since been scrubbed from RMC's site in any case. I do wonder if the claim of the smaller Raptor track using less steel compared to railed track doesn't hold up for T-Rex track, making it cost prohibitive.

Seems like a great solution to the Raptor design's low capacity is to build a set of dueling Raptors. It has narrow track and supposedly uses fewer supports compared to traditional track, so seems very well suited to near-misses and a compact footprint. But probably prohibitively expensive right now due to the very high cost of steel.


Jersey Devil is unremarkable, at least it was for me. I'm sure CP would get a unique layout if they ever bought one, but I'd much rather have one of several other modern coaster types. Mack Extreme Spinner that would break The Ride to Happiness records is my #1 by far wish list item. (Although also not great for capacity, to be fair)

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