The Rumors

Well following the tradition of most of the Cedar Point coasters getting crazy rumors attached to them (Magnum is sinking, Millennium Force going 116 mph) what do you think Wicked Twister is going to get.  I think that, when people see the towers swaying back and forth,  they will say, "Yeah those towers are swaying because they forgot to put the concrete in them."  I can see it now...
I think Wicked Twister will get..."gee havent we seen that coaster somewhere before!"
I think people will always say its under water since it is on the beach.
I heard that one of the trains flew off the front spike on the big launch and it landed in the lake.
"Did you hear someone in the front row had their scalp ripped off at the top of the twist? And in the same ride the train flew off the track and landed in the lake. Luckily the Coast Guard was on duty and no one got hurt. Including the scalped lady."
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How about, "this ride used to be one of those dueling coasters, until the track closest to the lake fell in, leaving only one left.  OR

The other half of this ride hasn't been built yet. :-)

Probably that the coaster really is sinking (Sorry for the cliche). Magnum is close to the beach, WT is ON the beach
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I agree with the towers swaying. Rumors are going to start that the lake winds will snap them. Why do they sway anyway? Why don't they support them on the very top?
If they sway, they won't break.  Think of a twig.  if you pull a stick from a tree that has a little give, it's hard to snap.  If you pick up a dead stick that is stiff and doesn't flex at all, it breaks quite easily.
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Heh, and that's how I'll explain it to my husband who took one look at S:UE and said "I'm not going on something that sways like that!"
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Exaclty Ucsigepkjnabfbriobvas (j/k)...

Look at the VertiGo towers.. Or better yet. Walk along the beach till you're near the turnaround on Magnum and watch the trains come flying through there.. Watch the supports...

If steel doesn't bend and flex.. it breaks..

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I see. Good points.
WT Rumor in the making "They didn't have enough money to finish the rest of the ride... it was supposed to be a full circuit."
I like that one Gravity.
They shot a test train off the tracks; it was supposed to run two initially.
During the construction tour at SFWoA, Tom Jones (head of construction) was saying that the top three pieces on each tower of SUE were the most heavily reinforced pieces Intamin has ever manufactured. Moreso than any one piece on MF even. So I think it's safe to say that the swaying is not only natural, but has obvsiously been designed into the structure.

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"The train comes off the track on the big launch. Luckily the rest of the train keeps it from falling off."
A lap bar is all you need!
what happened to my post about this very topic ... i was original and it was deleted ... that sucks ... its pulling magnum and MF down with it is what i hear ...
...maybe because you stated it like it was the truth when nothing short of God himself could cause MF and Magnum to sink due to the addition of Wicked Twister.

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In a further effort to capture the Ohio market.  Cedar Fair will announce soon the addition of an enclosed giant Frisbee themed to represent Snoopy's Dog food dish. The enclosure and queue line will be themed to look like an oversized version of Snoopy's dog house.  This ride will open in the spring of 2003

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