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FireChaser Express is a real family crowd-pleaser. The train almost always pulls into the brake run with a full load of smiling passengers of all ages. It is just wild enough to be exciting for adults with elements like the backward portion but with no major large drops to intimidate younger riders.

Dragonflier has an impressive mix of wild/mild as well. It's also one of the most eerily-smooth coasters I've ever experienced.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

I’ve barked up this tree for years, I’ve even put it in the comments every time the park sends me a survey: a family style rollercoaster or thrill ride needs to happen…when my son was at that awkward stage where he couldn’t ride the bigger stuff at Cedar Point and was too big for the smaller rides, we ended up going to Kings Island instead for a lot of our visits. Why? Because there’s far more stuff that families can do together and still be thrilled.

Adding back in the boat ride isn’t an answer to that, sure it’s great for families as an alternative to riding the train but it doesn’t fill the gap that seems to be growing more and more each time they add a record breaker to their lineup. And since we’ve all been down this road before I’ll shut up now, because as I’ve said we’ve discussed this many many times.

Maybe this is well trod ground, but I don't think I have ever heard .... Why was Iron Dragon changed from 46 to 48? I rode it a zillion times with one of my daughters one summer when she was 47" tall. Now she finds it "meh", but I promise you that summer every one of the zillion times she was screaming the kind of joyful screams that are good for the soul (her's and mine!).

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The only answers I remember about the height change were given at that years Winter Chill Out, which was that the change was made to be "consistent across the parks", or something to that effect. For comparison, The Bat at Kinds Island (also an Arrow Suspended Coaster) has a 48" requirement. I would argue that The Bat is more intense, but it is what it is. There's some threads about it here back in 2014.

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Sometimes the adjustment can simply come from a person who doesn't agree with the height requirement. I was tasked with this once at a park and there were a few rides where I didn't the think the minimum height requirement was sufficient enough for the type of ride and the kind of crowd that particular park drew. There doesn't need to be any scientific facts behind a change or a suggestion from a manufacture.

Usually these type of changes are the result of either state imposed edicts, insurance underwriters, or the manufacturer changing the standard (usually from influence from their insurance underwriter)

Chalk me up as another who would love to see a ride like FireChaser at CP somewhere and I think it's the type of thing the park desperately needs. They have a ton for thrillseekers and they really do have a ton for little kids too, but they lack in the area of things that everyone can do together. Something like FireChaser would be amazing if they were ever to get rid of Mine Ride, Snake River, or maybe even Corkscrew or Iron Dragon. If they could build it with high enough capacity, I bet it'd be the most popular ride in the park. To me this would be money better spent than a record breaking Gerstlauer on the beach although I'd be excited for that too. :)


At one point Double Loop at Geauga Lake was raised from 42" to 48". I can't remember if it was during the pre-Six Flags Premier era, Six Flags, or Cedar Fair that did it, but that whole summer the crew dealt with "but my kid rode it last year"

During coaster mania yesterday, somebody texted Tony about What park Wicked Twister would be headed to. He didn't answer it, but later in the day I heard someone say that Wicked Twister was going to Michigan's Adventure next season. I'm just taking that rumor with a grain of salt there.

I suppose it depends on who said it

“Someone” fails to narrow it down much.

^ A lot of you have never been introduced to the infamous Lemon Chill Guy!

Campfreak06, reborn

Just in case y'all needed directions from Wicked Twister to Michigan Adventure! LOL!

Campfreak06, reborn

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Word on the Midways is the Wet Teddy Bear Guy is the go to for all the inside info.

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When did that guy come up?

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Its the dippin dots guy come on man!!! LOL

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Dippin Dots Guy has lost his mojo. In fact Wet Teddy Bear Guy heard from LiMu Emu that another emu jailbreak is being planned for next week.

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So take this with a grain of salt, but I heard from my parking attendant when I was waiting at the gate to move into the parking lot that they may hit parking lot capacity today and close out the park. That would be something else to see with everything going on!

They are filling up the back rows of the main lot right now.

They had an accident on the causeway and I watched the tow trucks bring three cars that look like they had ran into each other together off down 1st Street.

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Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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Good thing they make everyone make reservations to avoid situations like this... Or something like that... Or???


That's really too bad. Last weekend was quite good from my perspective. Busy, but not super packed. I'd say the lot was 3/4 full or so and most things were up and running outside of Maxair and a few food locations.


One bad weekend erases a lifetime of memories and fun?

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