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Did CP's Caypso ever sport those nifty roofs?

Unless I missed something, I still wonder if the building they built next to Wild Mouse’s station is indeed housing for the electrical, or if that’s the building for “Cool Cat’s” ice cream stand as shown on the renderings. I suppose in a true boardwalk fashion, they can always put a rolling cart with an umbrella there and call it an ice cream stand rather than constructing a building. I’m excited to see everything come opening day. And yes, I’m going opening day mainly so I can have some food and drinks on the balcony of GP.

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I think that building is hemmed in on the midway side by Wild Mouse's exit ramp, on the beach side by the queue, and on the Matterhorn side by Matterhorn, so I don't see it being used for anything guest-facing.


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Did CP's Caypso ever sport those nifty roofs?

Yes, Calypso did have canopies on the vehicles. Here's the ride at 2:44 in this 1983 video.

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Schwabinchen also had roofs. Every other seat had a square roof over it and they had kookie designs on them like Calypso did. Calypso had scalloped vinyl “fringe” around the roofs’ edges and Schwabinchen had squared off fringe.
I’ll tell ya, Mack made some of the best visually presented flats ever. Those two, along with their Raupenbahn, Schlittenfahrt, Super Himalaja/Musik Express, and Seesturmbahn (to name a few) provided midway eye candy that was unsurpassed. When CF announced that they were searching around the globe for “vintage” flats I was hoping some of those would make their way from European showmen to our North American parks. Carowinds refurbished a Music Express to a Rock n Roll theme, which is great despite its lack of vintage flash, but I don’t know where it came from.
Oh well.

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Well, naturally I had to look up Schlittenfahrt just to be certain of what it entails. First thing that comes up is a rendition of Jingle Bells.

St Petersberger Schlittenfahrt is the actual name, and it’s a fancy version of a Matterhorn ride. The translation is Sleighride and the tubs look like little sleighs complete with runners.
Europa has versions of that and of a Sea Storm in their Italy section that are cleverly concealed in buildings. They’ve added in-the-dark indoor interactive elements. I didn’t come across them until my second day there, and had a blast on each one. That park had every example of rides that Mack still has in production except Musik Express. A local explained to me that the Germans consider it to be tacky and very carnival-like which I thought was weird. No more than the other two I suppose, right?

Also noticed they started painting the outside of the wild mouse fence on the lake side. It's cyan, not blue, really. It's not blue.

I happened to look at the cam this afternoon and they were doing full cycle runs with all the cars in action so I watched for a while. Well, I didn’t see Cheese. Anyway, things seem to be clipping right along and it looked like the continuous load station was functioning well. A car will stay out on the brake until space opens up then it rolls in. Dispatch seemed to be timed at every 30-40 seconds, so pretty quickly. At least two were out in the course so it’s blocked well. I didn’t identify any harsh trims.
So we’ll see how things run with a line of customers waiting.
Calypso has its tubs all attached now, (I thought I saw them sitting in front of Giant Wheel yesterday) and they’re the same color scheme as Tiki Twirl’s was. So it looks like not much new coming for the old girl who’s returning to her maiden name. The sign over the doghouse looks to be missing still. I’m not holding out hope that the old sign will return.
Atomic Scrambler has its sweeps, which look to be hot pink, but no tubs yet.

Love seeing landscape workers out at nearly 7 PM on Saturday night. A bit chilly here in CO to be gardening this late but I love watching them bring it to life. Decent sized tree they planted between Matterhorn and Scrambler. Also nice to see the leaves coming in on the trees on web cam. This midway has special memories for me as a young kid in the late 60s so it is very fun to watch on live stream it being transformed. It will always be the Putt Putt, Rotor , Upside Down House midway to me.

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I happened to look at the cam this afternoon and they were doing full cycle runs with all the cars in action so I watched for a while.

I don't care how old I get, there's always that special feel of excitement this time of year when Cedar Point is coming to life and being put back together for another season.

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March 4

50 days later:

Promoter of fog.

It’s hard to tell, but did Troika get a new color scheme?


Mouse has been cycling off and on again this afternoon. Surprised at the speed of the lift. Faster than I thought it would be. Assuming load times aren't terrible this thing will be able to cycle more cars in an hour than I figured.

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This area looks amazing. I can't wait to sew the landscaping grow up and into the area. Beautiful edition.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

The cameras today made everything look like a high quality animation

Yea- tone down that god-awful blue.


50 days later:

And to think some people thought there was no way they would get the midway concrete poured in time.

Dining locations updated on the website

  • Grand Pavilion & Bar: all food options listed
  • Boardwalk Cotton Candy: including cotton candy, Icees, popcorn


  • Engine Company: now serving spirits, no more custard :(

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