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On the website there is/was an opportunity to get an invite for Thursday's media day if you were a "content creator" or influencer or whatever you call yourself. That ship sailed yesterday.

Friday is for the Buckeyes, yes.

To all those going tomorrow, have a blast and create something to influence me. :)

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When can they operate the park as they SHOULD & get rid of the terrible rain policy?

You mean the way the park operated before Magnum crashed due to poor maintenance whilst blaming it on the rain? Likely never.

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You are 137% wrong. The Magnum incident had nothing to do with maintenance. And we will leave it at that.

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137% wrong?? In a row?

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My questions for today's attendees, how does the moving loading platform operate and is the new building next to the Pavilion in fact a bathroom.

I’m not there but I’m going to put forth the guess that the platform itself won’t move conveyor-style. I think the cars will just roll slowly by and riders will have to climb in.

Having just watched a live stream, it is not a new bathroom next to Pavilion

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the cars will just roll slowly by and riders will have to climb in.

That's exactly what it is.

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Looks like no seatbelts either. Capacity could be pretty good…probably better than steel vengeance.

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Just watched the new LEL video. I’m curious if the space between the pavilion and windseeker was intended for a flat ride of some kind because that space is rather large just to leave empty

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That area hasn't changed. Troika is where it has been for years.

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Just to leave empty? They finally created a nice nature like space to check out the lake and folks already want a dang ride placed there. The rendering showed additional walking paths in what looked to be a grassy area and maybe even a bench or two to take it in. Maybe even softly lit so it is a nice space between the Pavilion and the bright lights behind you to get the sense of the lake and kiss your sweetie etc.

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Some people won't be happy until there is ride in every open space.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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But they have a space problem!

What if they plant a tree? 🥲

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I was thinking that empty space would be a good spot to put a stage for live music and have lawn seating like relocate the rocking chairs and hammocks from Forbidden Frontier and put them there. Also maybe add fire pits in there as well bc for awhile they had fire pits in that area after they tore down the stadium. Maybe long term I always thought they could put in a ropes course like the Island in Pigeon Forge there. I doubt we will see another coaster or ride in this area. There are other areas the park can add more rides. In fact, I have this feeling that down the road we may see some of the section of the parking lot up against the beach get developed into something like extend the boardwalk down there and add some shops and/or restaurants there to give beach/resort guests more stuff to do when not in the park. Maybe build an arcade building and move all the games from the Coliseum there and do that dark ride in the Coliseum alot of us have suggested. So many possibilities.

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Agreed that it would have been preferable to have some nice seating there, given the location and view, especially because the incremental cost of pouring a bit more concrete couldn't have been that much. And it's not like doing so would have prevented them from planting the few trees they plopped down there.


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If they maintain it as open grass that actually sounds wonderful to me though, throw back to the picnic days and time with family to throw a blanket down and enjoy some time relaxing or together (yes I'm aware the beach is just beyond the fence but there's something different about a grassy spot). I know you can't bring coolers and such into the park anymore but even being able to grab food from the pavilion to sit and enjoy it there, or the fireworks (although the angles with the Grand pavilion may make that a bit odd) sounds nice.

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