The Boardwalk - New for 2023

Was that ice cream stand in the concept art budget cut?

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No, Engine Company is in Frontier Town near Wave Swinger.


FortMason, the one in the concept art was probably just a placeholder

The pizza place next to Engine Company is no longer listed. Lakeside Express and Dragon's Inn are gone too.

edit: CPfoodblog has a summary, they say Stockade is closing too, but it's still listed on the page.

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Kinda surprising that Frontier Inn is back, given the proximity to Farmhouse, which they address in the description. It does sound like the menu will be unique enough.

With the popularity of The Martin Family’s Farmhouse Kitchen & Grill just across the way, Beauregard “Maverick” Chamberlain couldn’t let them have all of Frontier Town’s financial success! So, Mr. Chamberlain envisioned a restaurant where stagecoach travelers, train passengers and miners alike could get their hot meals quickly. What transpired is his latest business venture – Frontier Inn.

He cooked up a menu for the tastes of the townsfolk with French bread pizzas of cheese and pepperoni, juicy burgers (including a new-to-Frontier Town bratwurst burger with pretzel bun), boneless chicken vittles, French fries and for dessert, brookies and fresh pastries. Take a detour and mosey into Frontier Inn for the latest in Frontier Town grub!

Also, how long have "brookies" (combo cookie and brownie) been a thing? They serve them at my kids school and I hadn't heard the term until recently, and now they're showing up at CP.


Stockade doubled as an employee eatery behind the guest area. Hard to imagine that one being gone.

I get eliminating a few of the smaller places in favor of the larger venues, but I'm concerned they're going too far. We shall see I guess. Live E sounds like it was cut back quite a bit too. I guess if they'd get their ride operations back up to snuff, I'd sacrifice the food variety and extra shows, but I'm not really counting on that happening either.


Think the sign shop is busy printing up a bunch of 'this attraction will not open for the 2023 season' signs? Or will they just put up 'Sorry we missed you' and leave it ambiguous whether they actually plan on opening or not.

Tony had said they were doing a smaller scale Nights style event centered around breakers right? Haven't heard anything about that yet. Just about a week left. Think there's anything else yet to reveal, or what we've seen is what we get?

I also worry this could be a rough season with significant cuts to Live E, reduced/scaled back summer events, closed and empty smaller food & bev locations, and the ever worsening ride operations.

I have a feeling 2023 will be a year of working transitions. A lot of restaurant transitions were announced sporadically throughout the offseason such as Chick-Fil-A being converted back to the Frontier Inn, Wild Turnip being converted to a walk up Famous Dave’s location (which makes me question the future of the Famous Dave’s at the marina), Johnny Rockets being converted to an arcade, Mac Shack being removed and possibly used for something else, etc. Not to mention, it being a bummer that some of the night time beach activities are either reduced or eliminated for 2023.

I also wonder a couple of things: How well staffed will the park be this season? Will we see continuous construction in areas of the park throughout the season such as the existing arcade in the coliseum if the arcade might be moved to the old Johnny Rockets? In short, I think we might see ongoing improvements throughout the 2023 season that won’t be ready for opening day. But I also think we will see things under construction or being worked on that won’t be ready or perfected until 2024 outside of Dragster 2.0 (Assuming it’s reliability will be better than it’s former self 😉)

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Wow....this thread got awfully pessimistic all of a sudden.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

Was Wild Turnip on the Trail back there by the Grist Mill? (Back in my day it was Sweetwater and sold pickles) I think at one time in recent years it was already a Famous Dave’s mini location. If not that, I remember it was some kind of BBQ for a season or so. Sandwiches I think.

Here's a slightly more optimistic thought along the 'working transition' idea. What if turnip, pizza, stockade, palace were more tightly involved with Frontier fest? Give CP a few more weeks to update, work on menus, staffing, etc. That would raise questions about the meal plan, and what happens after the event ends.

Not holding my breath, but a delay like that would be preferable to closing.

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I would also like to join the anti-spike group. I agree that construction will probably slow to a snails pace while the park is open, but I wonder when they will make an announcement describing what the TTD 2.0 changes will end up being. Are we really going to wait all the way to the end of Summer??

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Wild Turnip being converted to a walk up Famous Dave’s location (which makes me question the future of the Famous Dave’s at the marina)

Wild Turnip is not being converted into a Famous Dave's, lmao. The marina location also is not going anywhere.

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At Winter Chill-Out the Wild Turnip sign had been replaced with a a "Famous Dave's BBQ Shack" sign. Which is what the location was (among other things) prior to going vegan.

Per a source that seems to really like CP Food options.

The tour continued through the Frontier Trail where we noticed the Wild Turnip sign has been removed and the former Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack was up. Further explanation from the park is yet to be announced.

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Maybe it’s a simple as what was underneath.

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Maybe. Same signs, different words.

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It is just what was underneath. That location was too much of a pain to run, as they made all the food at the marina location, then would transport it through the park to the Frontier Trail location.

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Wasn't that the place that served those HUGE turkey legs?

Pointless questions since no one knows yet and I'll find out soon anyway, but.. Is a Bratwurst burger: sausages in a bun, or a ground sausage patty? Pork? With the walking tacos combined with Derby dogs, will you be able to get a taco with avocado, bacon, mac&cheese (as an example), a hotdog with ground beef, chicken, or will they keep the hot dog and taco toppings separate?

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