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“running great”

Lol, Chill. I was just commenting on how the first full circuit on camera looked like a smooth run. It looks like a fun ride.

What I notice from the latest overhead video of Boardwalk is that nothing is being built to match the rendering of the little ice cream stand(although I am pretty sure I watched them on cam putting that infrastructure under that corner of the cue line. Perhaps a design decision to deal with crowds first year then build the plan as drawn. Also missing is anything in place of the French fry building and I also watched below ground things going in there as well.

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According to CP Food Blog's WCO post, there are going to be "two new marquee signs over the midway" designating the Boardwalk. What's interesting is the apparent location of those signs - to the south, it appears to be tucked way back between GK's entrance plaza and Giant Wheel, and to the north between Wild Mouse and Windseeker. In other words, the "Boardwalk" is the area behind everything they're pointing to in their press releases as being part of the Boardwalk. I would have expected those signs to be up near MaXair on the south end, and between Flying Ace Balloon Race and Windseeker on the north end.

I recall someone wondering about how those signs would or could accommodate the parade route. It appears they won't and instead they'll just tuck those signs way back behind everything. Kinda odd.

At any rate, things are looking excellent over there.


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Brandon, I saw two brown brick pillars to the north of Wild Mouse, is that where the one sign will be mounted? Also, you can see clearly that access along the previous sidewalk/boardwalk will allow people to walk from the parking lot clear to the water park with no restriction.

Any guesses what the square cinderblock structure on the Gate Keeper side of the Pavilion building might be?

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Hopefully bathrooms.

jimmyburke: that where the one sign will be mounted?

That's what I'm assuming.

Also interesting is the second floor balcony of Grand Pavilion, in that there are three individual balconies, when presumably they could have linked them via the beachside balcony. Instead, that beachside balcony doesn't connect to either, and can only be accessed from within the building. Perhaps a VIP eating and firework show viewing area?

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If I'm thinking of the same balcony you are, it was noted during the Winter Chill Out presentation that the balcony connected to the second floor bar/dining area was for people to be able to take their drinks and food outside with a beach / lake view. According to the drawing, it was definitely the beachside balcony that the doors would have opened to from the upstairs bar.

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Right, I don't doubt there will be access from within, I just wonder if they'll reserve access to that balcony for an upcharge, like the VIP lounge, at least for certain events if not all the time. It would seem like a missed opportunity if they didn't.


Camera 1 back on the pavilion now. Lot of painting of the building going on but they seem to be making good progress. Most of the paths have been poured and landscaping coming along well.

Looks to be real human riders testing the Wild Mouse. It also appears that the entry sign for Wild Mouse might be being built on the side facing Giant Wheel as apposed to the Lake side as shown on the renderings.

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So I gotta say. After seeing pics with the Matterhorn and everything starting to get installed. There is so much blue from Gatekeeper to the Pavilion roof to the Giant Wheel supports and flat rides having lots of blue. And even windseeker having Blue as a major color. The Wild Mouse being that very bright yellow and orange feels massively out of place.

But it does work with the colors of MaXair, and Giant Wheel’s frame.

Plus, it does stand out - which would probably draw the younger crowd to it.

Kinda hard to tell, but it looks like one of the new boardwalk signs is either up, or in the process of going up. It's in the planter near Maxair. I guess that's not what those pillars were for.

I don’t mind seeing a lot of blue over there. Maybe they intend for it to be a sort of signature color on and around the Boardwalk. After all, the lake is looking especially blue today.
I’m obsessed with Calypso and I wish that they had chosen a scheme more close to the original. Those rides direct from the manufacturer were an absolute riot of color and pattern.

Pretty close to what I'm sure you also remember. Along with Atomic Scrambler and Calypso being finished, I forgot the queue areas for all 3 (including Matterhorn) still need done. Does anyone know if you'll be able to walk from the new rides area directly onto the beach behind Point Pavilion or will a new separate fence be installed by the current cement boardwalk , separating it from the park? Just curious.

My understanding is that there will be no beach access along the Boardwalk area, and you’ll have to use the gate by Windseeker to get to the beach.
That’s a great shot of somebody’s Calypso. I wonder who’s?

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Regarding the prevalence of blue, keep in mind that the perspective from the ground in May will probably differ quite a bit from our view from PT now. The large blue roof of GP won't feature so prominently in one's field of view, there will be more green, etc.

I'm curious to see what they do with the space between Wild Mouse and the beach side of the park.


I will give someone 10 dollars to walk into Guest Services and file a formal complaint about the amount of blue in this section of the park

That is easy money.


That’s a great shot of somebody’s Calypso. I wonder who’s?

I'm pretty sure that is Kennywood's Calypso as the picture looks like I have seen it before in either a Kennywood book or a historical website. If I'm wrong, my apologies. I really wish that CP would have done a complete refurb to bring it back to this kind of appearance. It was such an eye-catching ride!

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