The Boardwalk - New for 2023

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Seems kind of early to be putting the cabins on the wheel. To my recollection, that is normally one of the last things done in the final weeks before opening. But with improvements made to that area, they may have done it early this year for photo ops. A wheel with cabins looks alot better in photos than one without cabins if you're trying to promote new additions in that area.

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And they're working on a Sunday too, they must be really behind. /s

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Those 2 trees in the bottom middle of the cam shot are going to die soon due to the ivy

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at least 36 things that are different between screenshots.

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I got engaged on the Giant Wheel.

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Why are there less red and yellow buckets than green and blue ones on Giant Wheel?

I’m not sure how you’re counting them but it goes like this:
6 red with yellow, 6 yellow with red, 6 dark green with light green, 6 light green with dark green, 6 dark blue with light blue and 6 light blue with dark blue = 36 total. Maybe the weirdness is that the red and yellow sets involve two different primary colors and the other sets are shades of the same colors. I suppose a consistent solution would be red and light red but that would read pink. Yellow and light yellow would be hard to distinguish.
Scrambler had tubs of a vibrant pink but who knows what the refreshed ride will look like.
But the colors on Giant Wheel look nice and pick up colors used around the park on various rides so they don’t clash with anything really. I’m surprised, however, that they’ve remained the same for so long.

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And here I always assumed the Giant Wheel color scheme was a Freemason or Illuminati symbol.

Edit: Illemonati symbol.

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There’s so much wrong with that joke I don’t know where to start.

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We're not even going to play with a joke like that. That's your warning.

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It’s been removed. To be clear, it was not Dvo’s joke.

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Awww. I always miss the good stuff.

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Yeah, I sat here for far too long trying to understand what was offensive about DVO's post.


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HAHA I had a very short panic when I saw those posts. I wasn't sure if there was a not-so-closeted Illuminati following in Ohio these days, and I was triggering the CP faithful. I missed the post in question, but sounds like I didn't miss much. Thanks for clarifying :D

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Maybe this was the point of the joke and I should sit down, but did you know that Sandusky Ohio’s original plat was designed by a Freemason and the street layout was not the standard square grid, but resembled Masonic emblems, mainly the square and compasses? Which is probably why (even after having been born there then living there for four summers while in college) I still find that town so confusing to navigate. Diagonals cross-crossing everywhere.

^That's super interesting and finally explains why there are so many strange angled turns when venturing around right outside the downtown area that I never understood.

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Like Detroit. Laid out like Versailles.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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This from Sanduskyhistoryblogspot.

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Detroit is laid out like Versailles?

I've seen Sandusky's weird layout... But never Detroit?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

Very much the same way. I believe they call it a 'hub and spoke' system

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