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RCMAC, I just looked up Matterhorn original location at CP and it stated it was near Jumbo Jet and Space Spiral. Was it in the general vicinity of present day Troika Troika Troika? I don't remember, I just enjoyed the Upside Down Funhouse over there.

I worked/managed at Beach Refreshments, the polka dot roofed snack stand on the midway side of the beach fence. The beach entrance and bathhouse and Upside Down Funhouse were to the north and Matterhorn and Super Himalaya were to the south. Jumbo Jet was a little further down and my windows looked right out at Space Spiral. It was torn down when Avalanche Run was built, which made me sad. So, yes, close to Troika, but maybe closer to Gatekeeper’s entrance plaza.

You must've worked that stand in the summer of 78' (Gemini's debut year). Those two rides (Matterhorn / Super Himalaya) were only in that spot for one season, from what I remember. They moved them both the following year (to allow for the relocation of Wildcat) to the area in front of where the Oceana dolphin stadium would be built. Dam, this makes me feel old :)

No, I was there 2 seasons, ‘73 at the Surrey (now Derby Dogs), and ‘74 as manager of Beach Refreshments. And it appears I’m caught in a big fat lie. Matterhorn opened before that, in ‘72, and Super Himalaya was in its original spot behind Dodgem 2 along the Marina entrance path both years I worked there. My old memory must be fuzzy. But it’s not from riding Matterhorn backwards.

Its all good, we'll chalk it up to the mandela effect ;) By the way just stumbled on this... can't wait to see the interior of the Grand Pavilion.

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Giant Wheel watch 2023 has begun....

Do we know which Giant Wheel bucket is "the" bucket if you know what I mean.

I would like to avoid it if at all possible.

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If you think it's only happened once, in only one gondola, over the years, I would say you are probably wrong. Also, maybe avoid every hotel bed ever. 🤣

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!


Giant Wheel watch 2023 has begun....

By 12 noon all the cabins are back on!

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They sure don't waste any time. I completely nerded out this morning and watched the whole process.

I nerded out and watched the removal process in November. I was impressed with how little time it took.

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DRE420, how did they do it? Did they put those four on, then rotate to the top for counter-balance, then rotate again, etc....?

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I see at least 36 things that are different between screenshots.

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how did they do it?

They would load 4 or 5, then rotate it 180 degrees. Pretty fast too, seemed to take them about 2 minutes to put each gondola into place. Looked like there was a team of 5 or 6 putting them back on.

Those 2 trees in the bottom middle of the cam shot are going to die soon due to the ivy allowed to grow all up on them.

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Seems kind of early to be putting the cabins on the wheel. To my recollection, that is normally one of the last things done in the final weeks before opening. But with improvements made to that area, they may have done it early this year for photo ops. A wheel with cabins looks alot better in photos than one without cabins if you're trying to promote new additions in that area.

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And they're working on a Sunday too, they must be really behind. /s

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Those 2 trees in the bottom middle of the cam shot are going to die soon due to the ivy

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at least 36 things that are different between screenshots.

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I got engaged on the Giant Wheel.

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