Water dummy took off their seatbelt. They're waiting on security.


^ What a dummy! Lol

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For those of you who watch the webcams a lot, what time of day do they do most of their testing?

MDOmnis said:

Water dummy took off their seatbelt. They're waiting on security.

Or pulled out a cell phone.

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Mr. Cedar Point said:

What really is the problem of the Train sitting on the Lift Hill of the Gatekeeper?

Who said there was a problem?

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Theme Park Press said:
For those of you who watch the webcams a lot, what time of day do they do most of their testing?

I check when I get home around 4, and most rides are cycling, especially for Valravn.

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Our friendly water dummies have finally concluded their prolonged lounge on GateKeeper's lift and are ready for the drop.

For anyone interested, Valravn is currently testing as well.

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It took that long to figure out which one of them had their cell phone out??!!

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It probably just sitting there as a part of testing. It's not like it's a super rare site to see. Another example is Valravn is sitting at the MCBR.

On another note, the park seems so alive now! I was just watching camera 3 and saw Millennium, Maverick, Rougarou, and Skyhawk testing at the same time! Makes you so much more excited for opening day!

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Nah, as it turned out, the dummy in possession of the smartphone refused to give it to security and was forced to spend a couple days on the lift to reflect on his actions. His friends stuck with him for the duration of his punishment and finally convinced him to relent this morning. While he did in fact get to ride GateKeeper today, Cedar Point would like to make it clear that he will not be allowed to test any more rides until the case is further investigated.

Raptor and Valravn both testing right now on camera 1.

I'm so happy! Rougarou is testing now, which means I can shut up about it. Lol!

I just spent 20 minutes watching coasters and rides test. (When I should have been working on a project) Love the webcams! Although I've already been to a couple parks this season, my first Cedar Point visit for the year can't get here soon enough.

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Lol, you "took the post out of my hands" as Kevinj would say. I have a hard time not getting sucked into Cedar Point's webcams all the time. Valravn especially is just so captivating to watch.

Anyone ever "photobomb" the webcam? I was thinking about having a friend take of a screenshot of me doing a pose, lol.

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I wouldn't call it a "photobomb" per say but I did happen to be in the view when a friend called and said he just happened to be looking at the cam when he saw me. It was a little odd because at first he just sent me a text and asked why I was driving a lift on the midway. I knew he was in Michigan so it creeped me out a bit until I realized it was the cam.

I did it a few years ago, before the live cams

Not to sound like captain obvious here, but Valravn is testing like a champ! I can't tell, but it looks like people are on it? It's hard to tell because the webcam only zooms in so far.

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Nah, looks to me like it's still test dummies (look for the white as it comes out of the dive loop).

A front row on one of the Valravn trains is void of test dummies. I have not seen anyone ride. I think we won't see any non CF type folk ride until the LBJ Foundation first rides.

But, does anyone know what 'event' is currently happening at the park today? Or is CP going all out and welcoming its seasonal employee's?!?! ;-)

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