Rougarou is sitting on the transfer tracks. I'm betting they won't test him this weekend due to the weatherman bringing us all this snow. Fudge!

Nobody will be working this weekend anyway. It can't run itself. Besides, it already ran 2 weeks ago.

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Its less than a month until opening day. There will be a lot of people working this weekend.

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Hope they brought enough snow shovels. :)

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Actually a lot of departments haven't been authorized overtime yet, and seem to be on track for a normal opening this year 👍🏻

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Ride Operations is the department doing the ride testing and no one from that department is there this weekend. Pretty much the only department working this weekend is Human Reaources to process new employees in

^ and wardrobe! ;)

Ah, wardrobe. One of the most exciting parts of processing in :)

Man, seeing things move just makes it more real. Super excited for this season. Caught my first ride test on the camera live. As of the time of my post they are testing Pipe Scream. Love that ride.

Oh and because I've been jonesing to see some live cam ride movement, KI is testing Banshee at the moment too. :)

May can't come fast enough!!

^ Did you see Rougarou testing?

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Can't see it on any of the cams. They moved Cam 1 away from Valravn (it's on Gatekeeper at present), Cam 2 is on the main midway (the fountain, the custard stand, Johnny Rocket's), and Cam 3 is focused squarely on Dragster.

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samosuband said:

Ah, wardrobe. One of the most exciting parts of processing in :)

Right up there with peeing in a cup!

I'm too sexy for my harness!

The only thing that ran today was PipeScream and Corkscrew

Hello Gatekeeper. So nice to see you fly!

Just caught Maverick out on the course. It does make me want to be there.

I watched Gatekeeper testing yesterday. I must have missed Maverick. It makes me want to be there also, I haven't been there in 7 years so I'm excited to take my daughter for her first time this year. :)

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Jason McClure posted on his Twitter MF testing, theirs a loud like screeching sound before it goes over the hill, it sounded horrible though.

The "screeching" sound is actually the clanking of Millennium's anti-rollbacks. They always sound like that when they are engaged, but during normal operation they are held up by a magnet force generated from wheel rotation. When the train slows down too much on the lift, the magnetic force that is holding up the anti-rollback goes away, allowing them to engage.

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^Thanks, I have heard that sound before on ground and while riding, it just sounded super loud in that video.

If you think the noise is bad on the ground. Try being on the train itself. The first time it happened to me was on Coastermania last year. But yes the previous answer would sound right about the anti-rollback dogs.

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