Maybe the good weather has gotten me eager, but when can we expect some testing to start at the park? Not until April?

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Once they're ready...... ;)

Haha, joking (kinda). They'll be testing sooner than you think. Unless you think they'll begin testing in June. In which case, your line of thinking is incorrect.

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Last year, there was a Twitter contest shortly before testing began to guess which ride would be first (it was Iron Dragon). I imagine there will be something similar this year, so follow Tony!

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They got Raptor's trains back on the tracks yesterday, so I imagine testing will be only a few weeks away.

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I would imagine its only a few weeks out, probably once the weather starts to stay consistent.

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I wonder when Rougarou will begin testing. I know at least one train is at the park and I'm sure the station, new brakes and kicker wheels are almost if not done.

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You're sure based on what?

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Jordan is obviously flying a drone over the park for inside info.

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I never understood the fascination with testing, you can't ride anything until the park opens and testing rides is part of the opening process they do every year. Seams really unexciting to me.

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It's like me getting excited when it actually hits 50°. :) Testing means that summer is right around the corner.

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I have worked at Cedar Point, so I know that every ride has to have so many hours of testing or X amount of cycles before the general public can ride that particular ride. In 2010 and 2011, I did merchandise set - up (getting the merchandise stores ready for the park). I would start working at the park in early April both 2010 and 2011. It seemed like one by one, the rides would start testing for the season. Since it's mid-March, it's shouldn't be too long before the trains are back on the tracks and getting ready to test run.

Okay, so I was wrong after reading the new blog article. Hey, but when I become a weatherman, I'll get paid for being wrong Ha Ha!

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Weatherman and politicians are the only 2 jobs where you can lie or be wrong and still keep your job.

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Gatekeeper was tested today:


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It's about time. I've been waiting for this for 5 months now.

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Not exactly what I'd consider an eternity...
Wait til you get a few more years on you there, Kyle. You'll be shocked at how fast a piddly five months goes. But I'm glad you were able to tough it out and your long awaited day finally came.

I'm going to guess the next ride to start testing will be Raptor. ;)

You would guess wrong. :)

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I'm curious to see how these new restraints look on Maverick. I've never been on I305, but judging from pictures, it looks like this change might enhance side-to-side visibility when you're on the ride. I know those bars can be obstructing.

Pictures soon hopefully!

I'm just hoping they are more comfortable for us short people.


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