Steel Vengeance

Yes. It was closed for early entry.

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Skyhawk06 said:
Wait, did steel vengeance open up at any point in the day?

yea it opened around 11:30 that day

SV ruins all other rides.

Enthusiast or not, we all paid to get in the park to ride rides. I was sold a season pass based in part on their brand new ride being advertised at a maximum of 1,200 passengers per hour. At best, it is running a maximum of 600 passengers per hour and that was after a month of 350/hr. Most people can see that once the train is loaded that the ride ops are just standing there for at least 30 seconds or more before the train is dispatched...and then we all, enthusiasts and the GP ride past a train sitting in storage. Most people know that that is a reason they are getting to wait in a longer line which results in fewer rides during their visit which equals lesser value for the admission and related costs for the trip to get there and be there.

Fortunately, for most of us, we live close enough to go several times per year and get our money's worth out of our season passes, but some people can only make it once per year and it might HAVE to be earlier in the season. I would think that most people would think that a new ride that doesn't have a crazy launch system should be fully operational after 6 weeks of the park being opened. I know I did.

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No, you were sold a season pass based upon entry to the park for the duration of the season. All rides and attractions are subject to closings and cancelations for weather or other conditions.

^So, they didn't promote Steel Vengeance as a reason to buy a pass? Does it not list capacity at 1,200 riders per hour? Maybe they should just stick to 2 train operations to avoid the risk. Apparently, everyone should be happy with that. Look at all of the spare parts they will have. Ok, yep, you're right.

Maybe while I'm at it, I will reward CP for their ride only running at 1/2 capacity by purchasing a $155 FL+ pass.

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Well, he is.
Of course they promoted their new ride. Wouldn’t you?
Unforeseen circumstances have caused them to operate the ride with a reduced intended capacity, and notice I said operate. It runs. Customers and passholders ride it just about every day, and I don’t see much difference between this and any other ride on any given day.
Let’s please not act as if Cedar Point has some nefarious motive to screw over their customer base here. Don’t you imagine this scenario is the last thing they wanted for their customers? And let’s also not act as if this is the first time this (or worse) has happened at Cedar Point or every other park in the world.

In other words, that’s show biz.
There’s no binding contract here.

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So what do you want the Be Made Whole Again Department to do for you?

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Snickers Bar. I’ve seen the commercial, it works.

CP should make a spoof of the Snickers commercial for entitled enthusiasts. I’m sure they have a lot of good comedy for that.
Or maybe have a contest.

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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Why don't we just add the 'Be Made Whole Again Department' as a legit section of Pointbuzz? XD.

No. No Snickers bars. They are disgusting.

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Also, don't forget that "capacity" is exactly that. Expecting a ride to run at maximum capacity every hour of every day sounds entitled, no? Heck.. Millennium Force was on 2-train op for much of Coastermania weekend. I must have missed the part where they were giving us hand-outs because of that.

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It would be nice if they could run the ride at full capacity, that is not a lot to ask. They have been fooling around with this coaster for 2 months, that is plenty of time to get the bugs worked out.

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It's obviously not "plenty of time" if it's not already running with 3. It sure seems a lot closer than it was.

Yes it is plenty of time, sorry, but over 1-1/2 years almost 2 years now from the beginning of the transformation. Yes, it has been plenty of time.

I don’t think you understand how subcontracting works. Let’s be honest here...RMC has a lot on their plate for this season, and quite frankly, it doesn’t seem like they have the staffing to handle it. I also don’t think you understand how long it takes for parts to come in. Just be thankful these parts aren’t being shipped from Switzerland.

I will be honest that I too don’t understand what’s taking so long to figure out the braking and blocking issues along with the programming. But saying that they had almost 2 years to get it up and running is ridiculous. They literally had 2 months AT MOST to do test cycles in order to get it open to the public.

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And some people thought it would open in 2017... (even though I was one of them early on)

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Wait is 105 minutes now, seems like it was shorter for this kind of day before FL+ came back ;). (Seriously, the line feels slower than 2 trains did right when they brought them back, and only one variable has really changed. It almost feels like one train... maybe I'm just having a pessimistic day.)

Also, in other news that won't get me digitally pilloried, SV is now on the Battle for CP, as indicated by the most recent app update and signs in the line. I'm surprised it wasn't originally, to be honest, but it's here now.

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a carolina coaster said:

I was wondering if y'all had any tips for riding this thing that doesn't punish my thighs. thanks

Steel Vengeance punished my thighs too but I just kind of accepted that would happen. I don't think it gets too much worse with re-rides if you can take it. It is like being very sore from exercise. I could still feel it a couple days later.

I would hold the outside grab handle with one hand, the my other arm would cross my body and go under my lap bar on the outside as well. I found this to work the best for me. When I say outside, I mean of the train. If I was on the left, my left hand would be on the grab bar, and my right hand would be under the left half of the lap bar.

You can consider football pads if the soreness is a huge concern from you. I would be lying if I said I didn't go on Amazon and browse, but I did not buy any. If it helps you ride more it might be worth it.

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Yeah the soreness from twisted timbers has subsided now, and now that I know to expect it I should be ok. It's not to the point of needing football pads...yet : ). I'll try to hold myself with those handles the best I can, take the pleasure with the pain and enjoy a ride on a great coaster. thanks.

There are reports on social media that restraints came loose after dispatching trains (or after checking and clearing). How could that even happen? Can anyone comment on that?

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That seems very unlikely. I don't know specifics for Steel Vengeance, but most new coaster restraints use hydraulic cylinders. Each seat typically has a primary and a backup cylinder, and requires some form or electricity or battery to release.

The fact that there is already a primary and backup is one of the reasons people sometimes question why Cedar Point still has seat belts on these rides.

Check out this detailed analysis of coaster restraints:

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