Steel Vengeance

205 ft, 90 degree drop, 74 mph, 4 inversions

Its a steel coaster just like gemini and cedar creek mine ride.

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Let’s not start this argument again.

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Now looking forward to seeing the train design and the height requirements...not to mention an official POV. Shouldn't be too long. From what we would see, the ride looks absolutely wild.

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I was gonna say "let the complainin' commence"! But... too late...

I think after all the discussion of possible names I'm slightly disappointed at the actual name. The ride looks amazing though! Hoping they announce big plans for frontier town next!

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Remember when the Cedar Point website would dedicate a whole splash page to their announcements? I guess those days are gone in the mobile era. Impossible to find any information on this ride yet.

We all laughed at that name a week ago.

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No, not all of us....

It's a pretty wicked name for a coaster if you ask me. It just so happens to be the name of an 80's hair band. I hope they reunite an play at the official opening day.

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I love the name! And the logo! Most airtime on a roller coaster! I can't wait!

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Official POV is up on YouTube

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Hyper Hybrid. I like it.

And yes, that record should really make this coaster stick out. Most airtime of any coaster anywhere on Earth; that quite a claim to stake.

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Steel Vengeance is a very generic typical roller coaster name, something you might save for a place like Kennywood. But with all the hype and records being broken, I cannot believe a group of people said: "Yeah, let's name our new record breaker 'Steel Vengeance'. It sounds an 80's Steven Segal movie title. I'll just continue to call it New Mean Streak.

Obviously I love this name, especially with the 'Steel' added to it. Woohoo!

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It's RMC's Voyage.

This thing looks SO SICK!!! =D

Looks wicked, I just cant get into the RMC train designs

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That's an incredibly rendered realistic POV.

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Kevinj said:

That's an incredibly rendered realistic POV.

I was just about to say that, most legit animated coaster video for a Announcement I have ever seen

If you look closely, there is wear on the track in spots from the wheels.

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