Steel Vengeance

When Magnum XL 200 opened in 1989 The tunnels used to have special effects. Magnum XL200 Music echoed in the tunnels and the last tunnel was non-toxic smoke filled. When the train came out of the last tunnel it looked liked a bullet coming out of a barrel of a 357 Magnum. That's where the Magnum name came from, not the TV show. As for the Mean Streak name, yes the( Streak) name came from Blue Streak. (Still one of the best coasters out there). The( Mean) in Mean Streak Had to do with a Gold Prospector Who didn't have a very good day because he didn't have success with a gold strike so he had a Mean Streak in him. That name also had a much better themed name for Frontier Town than Steel Vengeance. Sure the( Force) name in Millennium Force came from Steel Force. It opened before Millennium Force did. So Why not adopt that last name. And last, why not call the new coaster Mean Streak 205. After all Steel Vengeance is using the wood structure that belonged to Mean Streak. LOVE THIS ROLLER COASTER TALK :-)


Ellex, if I remember right, I once read back in the day, that Magnum was derived from Magnum Opus, which means Masterpiece. To this day, it is still considered that (to me at least). It became the measuring stick for future coasters.

Not a fan of SV name. But will be great ride regardless. Also wish the track was darker color to fit. At least it's better than Maverick opening with bright red track that stuck out like a sore thumb in a western-theme! :)

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Magnum's name is derived from several "Magnum" names of the 1980s. Don't forget the "XL," which is used to express the coaster's very large size. No other coaster made an impact like Magnum XL200 did in 1989. From there on out it was routine to have larger coasters constructed.

I see we are still talking about the name.... I don't think its going to change lol

^ thank you. I'm still not seeing the issue with the name.

In terms of other ride names, it has always been in the back of my mind that some ride names were derived from classic movies.

For example:

(1) Millennium Force = Star Wars. MILLENNIUM (Falcon)/(may the) FORCE (be with you)

(2) Wicked Twister = Wizard of Oz.
WICKED (witch of the west)/("it's a) TWISTER".

I don't know. I'm sure there is no correlation there. That's just how my mind works sometimes.

I kinda like the name

steel- the new track

vengeance -retribution for all the pain mean Streak cause riders over the years


Ellex, was there anything in your latest reply that wasn’t completely made up? I’m sure you have a source or two for some of that. Those are pretty specific claims to be making.

Maverick since '99

There is a source but the names cant be mentioned dughhhh

After many years of reading, I can officially say this is the first day that I can no longer tell if people are trolling or not...

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SV is a lame name, very six flagish (I can hear the overly concerned radio voice in a generic six Flags commercial daring you to ride SV- the ride, and then next season daring you to ride it....... backwards)

I will forever call it Steve.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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"Magnum" is Latin for "great." Not every word comes from a proper name, brand or character you know.

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I thought they got the name from the condoms.


You had to go there?????


Didn't know Magnum is the Latin word for great. Thanks for that knowledge Jeff


I was at Cedar Point on opening day in 1989. And everything I said about Magnum XL 200 in my last post is not made up. For those who remember the special effects that was used in the first couple of years can concur. It also began to sleet and snow that day. That was one of the coldest opening days at Cedar Point I can remember. Riding Magnum it the sleet and snow. What a blast that was. :-)


That's what Cedar Point is Known for. Breaking records. Heck, even The Blue Streak was once the tallest coaster in Ohio :-)


XS NightClub said:

I will forever call it Steve.

So you are ok with yelling out to your friends "Hey I am going to go ride Steve!!" or "I just rode Steve! It was great!!!"

Not really sure where Steve is coming from, to me thats a little worse then the name it actually has

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It's a way to let people know how clever you are.


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I saw in earlier posts some people calling it Stevie. All I can think of now is Stevie Nicks. Is that bad?

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Sven would be in keeping with Valravn.

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