Steel Vengeance

I don't see where "Cedar", "Point", or "Shores" start with the same sound?


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Hyper Hybrid Coaster 1 is a good name

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Shane Denmark said:

I don't see where "Cedar", "Point", or "Shores" start with the same sound?

Apparent alliterations total twelve neat names.

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Thanks TML... for the lincc!

A lot of Alliteration Abounds Amongst the Aberrant Aphorisms, but An Astute Auter Avenging Analysis Absolves to Avert from Annoying Advertising Amazment.

I just realized that the "V" one I did up there ^ would shorten to Vvvvvvvv. Which has two amazing traits:

1. When you try to say it your nose tickles sometimes.

2. When you try to say it you sound like an electric motor with a minor issue.

OK, I am going to go lay down for a bit now. :)

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What happened to this thread lol...

Steel Vengeance truly looks insane in person, pictures don't do it justice. This past Friday I was able to get some awesome shots of it. I added a bunch to the gallery on my site as well as wrote a trip report about it. Feel free to check it out here!

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Or use


Sorry about that! The issue should be fixed now.
Top 5 CP Coasters: 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Millennium Force 3. Maverick 4. Dragster 5. Magnum
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Tony Clark just posted on Twitter last piece has been installed today.

CoasterKyle1121 said:

Am I the only one who really likes the name? In fact, I think it's one of the best names in the park.

I personally think Rougarou has the best name in the park, but that's also because I love the ride too. Back on topic though, I love the name Steel Vengeance. To me it's clever like Millennium Force.

Gemini is probably the most clever name, but I do like the unique but simplistic names they use.

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Ocean Motion is the cleverest name in the park.

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Did y'all forget:




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I try to forget it... then you walk to MaxAir and BAM there it is :(

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Sir Rub A Dub Tubs is the best name

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Not to disrespect Cedar Point, But Steel Vengeance is a borrowed name from a Heavy Meatal Rock Group. Cedar Point Has always been known to have outstanding names for roller coasters. Magnum XL 200 for example. Awesome name for a roller coaster and it's original. Tell me where in the Amusement Park industry where you'll find another Magnum XL200 roller coaster name. You Won't. Millennium Force, another Awesome name for a roller coaster, adopting the last name Force from Steel Force. Nothing wrong with that. As for a name like Rebel Outlaw would have more of a Frontier Town themed name. After Cedar Point unveiled the coaster in August, knowing the height of the lift hill is 205 ft. a name like Mean Streak 205 would have been pretty cool also. Like Fury 325 and Intimidator 305, honoring the late great Dale Earnhardt Sr. But the bottom line, the new coaster is going to be BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!!!


Magnum got its name from Magnum P.I. The 200 is an obvious reference to the height. They don’t need to name another ride after the height of the ride.

Using the word “Force” doesn’t mean it came from “Steel Force.” Mean Streak borrowed from Blue Streak because they are both in the same park.

The new ride needed something in the name that says “I’m not a wooden coaster anymore” and they chose “Steel.” They didn’t borrow that from Steel Force.

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