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Historically & regionally accurate solution: Erie Canal-style locks so the boats can pass under the bridge.

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I vote for a island loading and unloading trebuchet.

It gives a new meaning to "Frontier Fling"...

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A battery of circus cannons would work as well. I would pay the $10 upcharge to shoot someone across the bay.

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Wire them up to Skyhawk for efficient air power.

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They even added an elevator to Disatser Transport about 1 year before it was demolished.

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Right, anything built prior to ADA rules doesn't have to meet ADA requirements. But anything built since then does, at least to my knowledge. Heck, even some older rides (Gemini, Iron Dragon, etc.) have been retrofitted with elevators in order to comply, if not because it's legally required, then because CP is in the business of serving guests.

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Unless I missed it, has no one mentioned the obvious solution? Throw people over with the Frontier Fling. :-)

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The last thing I am worried about Cedar Point being to pull off is a bridge over a small lagoon. They got this. Maybe they can use Frontier Fling to get wheelchairs across?

;) Sorry to be that guy.

Ok, does anyone have any bridge updates? I'm having a panic attack over the lack of information about this Bridge Over the River Kwai situation.

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Looking on the webcam, all I can see are platforms.

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