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I am in for April 30 as well.


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Booked for 4/30 too. As others mentioned it only asks for 1 pass code, even if you buy more than one.

Tony also tweeted the following in response to someone asking about multiple tickets with one pass code...

You will be fine if this happened to you. But everyone on your order MUST have a Season Pass to get in.

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Took a risk and chose Wednesday May 2. I guess this far out it's just a crap shoot with weather anyways.

Fingers crossed everyone gets tickets and for the day they want!

Really looking forward to this event and hoping it's an annual event, regardless of what new attractions are opening!

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Got my ticket for May 2nd!

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Just booked 5/1 for my family of four. I figured I'd go the second day and have the opportunity to get feedback from all of you going on 4/30.

They must have changed the site. It only lets you buy one ticket at a time now. A bit of a pain to go through all the screens, name/address/phone number for each ticket... but hey it's free! I was kinda expecting the online service fee to be charged for ticket orders!

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The preview night is a really generous and thoughtful benefit for passholders. Cheers to the conscientious passholders who will help make this event memorable. (I’ll be riding solo on Monday April 30. See you there).

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Put in my reservation for the 30th.

I am hearing on Facebook that it is already sold out. Can anyone confirm or deny?

We got our tickets for May 1st!!! Going to suck driving 4 1/2 hours each way but so worth it!

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Got May 1 as well. Hope the weather works out. If not, I will sue Cedar Point, RMC, the National Weather Service, and Donald Trump. I paid big money for a pass I deserve everything awesome!

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The local meteorologists who have been pretty right are saying late April and even beginning of May could be quite active and still below average Temps. Playing the weather lottery regardless of what day is picked. Just got to home for at least a clear stretch, rather be cool and dry than mild and wet.

Sacrificing playing video games to ride roller coasters.

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Got 3 for the 1st. Why don’t I feel Whole?

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harmony29 said:

We got our tickets for May 1st!!! Going to suck driving 4 1/2 hours each way but so worth it!

Phew. Godspeed, sir or ma'am. I live 5 1/2 hours away, and didn't think for a second about trying to attend these events. Several hours of driving for one ride on SV? No thanks. I'll get my ride(s) on opening weekend and Coastermania weekend.

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But... but... you won’t be first!

We are completely crazy. I also knew this was the 1 time we would be guaranteed a ride. Even though i utilize the ride pass for the lines, due to a bad hip, i still know the waits are going to be hours. Last year we went every Fri but 1 for Haunt at KI. Thats about a 2hr drive, not too bad but sometimes by end of the night we were exhausted.

And no we are not doing it to be one of the first, its a matter of not wanting to wait hours to ride. I cant walk fast to get to the back for the hour early ride time and am too poor to buy fast lane, this was the best option until we can get back there later in the season.

Why walk to the back of the park? I'm going to ride my emotional support unicorn to fly past everyone else.

Got mine for the 30th. So pumped!

I can't believe we have to park in the front parking lot. I have to walk all the way back to Frontiertown, ridiculous.

Cedar Point needs to open Sky Ride so people can be transported from the front to the middle of the park, then hit one of the trains back to Frontiertown.

Skyride and CP&LE are both very involved rides to operate, so that won't happen if not scheduled. (Wait, I forgot, is the train going to be open anyways for this event, or not?)

I agree the back lot would be nice to have open, but perhaps they're busy back there for some reason?

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The CP&LE Railroad is scheduled to run. So you only really need to walk from the front of the park to the Main midway station.

My guess as to why they're not opening the Shores lot is as simple as they want to accommodate for a large number of vehicles. Or perhaps the lot will still be occupied by construction equipment for the RV expansion.

As for having to walk just a little bit for a free event.

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