Opening Day 2008!

I usually make this post with 100 days till opening so I guess I'm a little bit late this year. But Opening Day is less then 3 months away! I've already got it requested off at work and got the hot dogs ready for our 3rd Annual Pointbuzz Opening Day Party!

Here's the last two years for anyone who missed out:

Anyone up for the 3rd gathering?

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I asked for the day off also.This will be the first time going on opening day and cant wait.The only time i went to a park on opening day was last year at Geauga Lake.I shouldve worked instead of losing ten hours of work lol.

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I was waiting for a thread about opening day when the count was around 100 days. If it got to 60 days, I was going to start one, but ejh1701 beat me to the punch. (Now that this thread is started, i'm sure I'll be checking it everyday like last year)

I have the day off work myself and I'll bring the chips and dip like last year. Should we circle around a list? May 10th will be here before you know it (as I type this last sentence, I gaze out the window and see all the snow coming down outside while sitting home on a snow day. A snow day for college which rarely happens!)

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I will be there for the whole weekend again... and probably staying for the less busy Monday. I will be up for joining in on the Opening Day party again. Hopefully we can get a better turn out this year, although last year was a lot of fun. Including those of us who went on to do a "takeover" of Skyhawk.

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Im pretty sure Ill be there opening day. Was there last year but didnt make it to the party, hopefully that changes this year.

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I'll be there for those hotdogs and fabulous cake. Let's also get a list going with who's going and who's bringing what.Josh, I'm also planning on staying the whole weekend. Let me know if you want to figure out some kind of hotel deal....if you want.

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Again, I'll be missing OD again this year, I assume. I believe one of the PB members is getting married that day, and I believe I will be attending that wedding.

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Well, we're thinking about just coming up late OD and maybe going to the park for an hour or two that night but we'll definitely be there Sunday and Monday.

We'll be in the camper so you guys are welcome to come hang out around the fire.

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Adam, I was thinking about getting a cabin at Bayshore for the weekend. What do you think?

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That sounds good! Just let me know the prices and stuff and I'll get back to ya. And we'll make sure to stop by Loopy, can't miss a OD campfire.:)

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I'm planning on being there either Sunday - Monday, or Monday - Tuesday. Last year I stayed in a LHP cottage, I plan to do the same this year. I hope the weather is as nice as it was last year. Sitting on the deck on the shores of Lake Erie tanning and drying off from SRF in mid-May was very nice.

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Well I wont be there opening day, But i will be there the monday after. I can not wait to get up at 4am leave by 6am and get there for ERT!!!

I'll be coming down. It will be nice seeing some of you again.

My boyfriend and I went last year on opening day, after waiting in line for an hour just to get our season passes, not many people were at the park last year and the lines were short, made for a really fun day.

Going again this year on opening day, he took the day off of work (and I'm on disability, so I don't have a job), so it should be a lot of fun.

I'm SO looking forward to it this year. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive from where I live in Michigan, but it's well worth every minute :)

I'll be there for Saturday at least, not sure about the rest of the weekend yet.


This will be mine and my dad's first Opening Day. I can't wait to see some of you guys again.

I will be there for at least all of saturday and possibly 3 hours of sunday.

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I'm actually going to make it for opening day this year. May 10th can't get here fast enough.

I agree with you there Mark, I've actually been on a strict diet since the beginning of the year and lost 11 pounds far so hopefully I can fit on things I didn't fit on last year. (Sounds childish I know, but I'm a kid at heart when it comes to Cedar Point).

Remember each day that passes is a day closer to opening day :)

I will more than likely not be able to join the festivities this year because I will be WORKING at the point. I let you all know what ride I'll be working at so everyone who knows me can say their hellos. I will certainly consider a after close hang out.

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Ya know, maybe you'll have a day off once in a while.

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