News: Cedar Fair plans for 2022 include return of Cedar Point events, Frontier Town restaurant

It's not, they're giving away 15 more ticket of a lifetime.

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Use Instagram to upload your favorite Halloweeny photo with the right hashtags by Thursday and you're in.

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TOL contest..... darn, I was hoping for a Rougaroo conversion.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Anyone see careycoasters instagram story? Looks like antique cars is gone.):

Cedar Point + Kings Island = Heaven

That's a dead link

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Ah still looks like its up on my end. In any event the whole rides ripped out.

Cedar Point + Kings Island = Heaven

It’s on his Instagram story and wow. They are in fact gone. That’s a surprise.

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I see pictures of Cedar Point.

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Very sad. So many dead or underutilized buildings in Frontier Town, so instead of modernizing them, we rip out a nice attraction to build (likely) Cedar Point's version of Harmony Hall while Miss Keats and everything else on that back wall sits as is.

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I assume some of you are not familiar with how to use Instagram. Clicking on the circle near the username at the top shows their Instagram story. That’s where the video is. It’s still up.

Not much to go on. And it looks like all the disturbance is in that tight corner where that qnza fence burned down (on the other side of the path) this summer.

Interesting that the fence remains. Based on what the park has and has not said about it, we may be surprised at what actually happens there.

—Dave Althoff, Jr.

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Ride Man, Dave, are those cars interchangeable with Cadillac Cars? Lots of spare parts to utilize. Although, they do a good job loading riders at a steady pace so moving all those cars there would not seem necessary. Perhaps look for them on an Auction site or at other CF parks that have those types.

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Someone is going to be unemployed by the end of the day.

Very sad to see the antique cars go.

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I take it you have to be an Instagram user to see the “story” part? Anyway, if Antique Cars was actually removed, it will be interesting to see what will be built in that area. (Wishing for a new flume that doesn’t get people wet)


I’m not too sure that the removal (if that’s what’s happening) would have warranted any announcements anyways considering there’s another attraction just like it at the front of the park. The fence remaining intact may just serve as a way to keep people from wandering into the site for now as there were still seasonal workers working throughout the park.

It could also be utility upgrades or replacements as well. Time will tell, but I strongly suspect this may be where the new dining location that was announced earlier will end up.

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Yeah, I'm not completely convinced Antique Cars is being removed. Given the age of the ride, and the age, size, and possibly condition of the trees back there (wasn't there a relatively recent large fallen limb?), maybe it's both reconfiguring the area to provide space for an eatery, and an overdue renovation and reconfiguration of the ride.


We noticed that the fence between Gossip Gulch and Antiques was never permanently replaced after the small fire in August with just temporary queue rails being used for the remainder of the season. If the Round Up is being removed or altered they are likely configuring that entire area for the new eatery and festival seating.

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It's not a roller coaster, but the antique cars in Frontier Town (whether or not there is another version of the ride experience up front or not) are pretty iconic to the landscape of Cedar Point. And by iconic I mean that in a historical sense that connects generations of guests and the practical amount of time it has been a part of Cedar Point's landscape.

Could this be the beginning of the end of the ride? Maybe...but I would actually be pretty surprised (and disappointed) if they made the choice to remove this ride without some kind of announcement.

I drove my dad in those cars, and 35 years later my daughters drove me. I think the acknowledgement of its removal would be expected.

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The more I look at that video, I see a lot more torn out than what Dave was referring to; to be fair I’m sure it’s quite simple to pour a new concrete path and call it a day; but what was outdated about this attraction? The one up front is nearly the same quality at this point. That’s also a lot of digging for utilities though if they are replacing a substantial section of utilities I guess I could see that. I don’t know. There’s not enough evidence either way to say what’s really happening right now.

But I would think at some point this off season Tony will address this area…eventually.

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