News: Cedar Fair plans for 2022 include return of Cedar Point events, Frontier Town restaurant

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Cedar Point’s full lineup of entertainment returns in 2022 with the popular Frontier Festival at the start of the season, Cedar Point Nights and the Celebrate Spectacular Parade during the heat of the summer and HalloWeekends in the fall. In addition, the park’s Frontier Town will introduce a new chef-inspired signature restaurant that is sure to delight guests throughout the season. On the resort front, the re-imagined Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark hotel will welcome back families with all-new guest rooms, enhanced amenities, kid-friendly activities and a new take on dining, all intertwined with a whimsical theme that connects sea, land and air. Sawmill Creek by Cedar Point Resorts, located just a short drive from Cedar Point, will be reintroduced as a natural escape ideal for a retreat from the ordinary. The resort will showcase a full renovation of guest rooms, eclectic dining options, golf course upgrades, outdoor amenities and an enhanced convention and meeting space experience. Castaway Bay and Sawmill Creek are scheduled to debut before the 2022 summer season.

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Frontier Town will introduce a new chef-inspired signature restaurant

I assume this is a redo of an existing joint?


Looking forward to what Sawmill Creek has to offer. As an avid golfer, a CP property with a golf course attached should be a dream come true for me.

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I'm guessing the restaurant will be in Miss Keats

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It's possible they will reconstruct a whole "block" like what happened with the new Corral. The Miss Keat's/Last Chance block is the obvious choice but the former Jitney Arcade corner is also a possibility.

Also, it is nice to have confirmation that Celebrate 150 will be back in some form, which isn't a surprise considering how much they invested in it.

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The last time I stayed at Sawmill Creek was in the "80's. Then it seemed like it had seen better days, smelled very musty, and dank.

I bet its Miss Keats, but I wish it would be Stockade or roundup. It would be nice to add another indoor dining location.

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They need to remove The Palace, Last Chance Saloon and that whole block and build a Harmony Hall like what’s at Carowinds.

To me, the location where they should do something like that is in the area of Coasters/Valravn. Not sure there's enough room anymore though - probably not unless they filled in the lagoon by Iron Dragon. I thought when they built Valravn, they'd have bulldozed Cedars, put some of the ride footprint across the road and used some of the space in the park for a Festhouse/Harmony Hall type concept. Good food, beer, air conditioning, live E. It'd make up for loss of the All Wheels/Oceana stadium. I think it'd be a license to print money at Cedar Point.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if Chick-fil-A was out of there for good and they repurposed the Frontier Inn to a restaurant? They could expand the area by opening up the carousel building for covered outdoor seating. That not only would that be nice but be good for dining capacity.
Ending the contract with CfA could be the reason they’re hesitant to announce right away.

One can always hope.

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CfA going away is unlikely. They just re-established that franchise after failing to do the same kind of foods on their own. The place makes pails of money, EBITDA says it stays... The carousel building is an "installed" haunt and storage in the summer so it is unlikely to change or go away. Its expense has likely been amortized and it drives customers to the park during haunt.

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So things can’t change because of… change?
We can all point to changes they’ve made to the park that defied all logic.

But ok. I really don’t care.

Cedar Fair/Point doesn't make as much as people think on Chick Fil A. Food service that they run in park w/o franchising/licensing means they keep way more money. CFA has some of the worst terms of any chain licensing. They take 15% of gross receipts, plus they charge an equipment rental fee & they take 50% of net profit.

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After visiting Carowinds again earlier this year, I definitely second the Harmony Hall suggestion. I've been feeling that way since the first time I visited it in 2015 but even more so after recently going again. It would definitely be a money maker at CP and could likely (hopefully) handle the crowds.

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RCMAC said:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Chick-fil-A was out of there for good and they repurposed the Frontier Inn to a restaurant?

Gosh I sure hope not!!!

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Why? You don’t have mall near home where you can find hate chicken?

It's so weird to defend a chain restaurant at a big amusement park like that. Would 99.9 percent of the people who go to CP every once in a while as a vacation care if it was there? Absolutely not. There's enough freaking Chic-Fil-A floating around in the world. We go to CP for a vacation every summer, for multiple days. Never once have we step foot in that establishment, for multiple reasons. It can go. The VAAAAST majority of people wouldn't care at all.

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Why remove America's favorite fast food chain? They certainly have better chicken than the crap the park currently offers.

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Chic-Fil-A is barely passable as food.

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I don't get fandom for Chick-Fil-A or Raising Canes. Come to think of it I don't really care for fast food chicken at all.

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