News: Cedar Fair plans for 2022 include return of Cedar Point events, Frontier Town restaurant

Changes are sad/depressing and also changes are good. Will we be saying in the future 'why didn't they do this long ago ?'

I lamented the going away of the building used for the Snoopy ice shows but I ride Valravn many more times than I've gone to the ice show.

I ride Rougarou many more times than I rode Mantis (I liked Mantis, especially the first season before they added the first hill trim).

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I’m a big fan of Turnpike rides in general, and I was hurt when Cedar Point’s Turnpike was removed.

I was more hurt while riding Turnpike Cars than I was when they were removed.

Well, to be fair, I was still trying to squeeze my fat ass into one when it was removed.

"The only constant in life is change"...Heraclitus

It is sad but exciting to see the changes being made at Cedar Point.

Yes, I really can remember in 1967 when Frontier Town opened at Cedar Point and the only way back to the area was via the train. Frontier Trail did not open until 1971.

I had to chime in here when someone referred to the ice show building...that was originally the IMAX theatre opened in 1975. Just another example of change.

It is "sad" to see some of the older rides retired/removed but with out these improvements we wouldn't have the park we enjoy today.

Just make a list of the rides/theaters/buildings, removed over the last 50 years and you could make one heck of an amusement park out of the items removed from Cedar Point.

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From a nostalgic point of view I would agree with you. But from a modern day park perspective I don't think that a park made up of the rotor, giant slide, Jumbo Jet, etc would be able to survive in this bigger is better world.

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jimmyburke said:

Dvo, get your drone up there for updates!

Sure... NOW you guys want drones in the park... Let me refer to my morality pamphlet. ;)

I'll echo some other comments in that I hope whatever is planned for this area involves maintaining some of the natural charm of the trees back there. It's one of the least "concrete-y" places in the park IMO, and hopefully it can retain that feel.

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IF the new restaurant is going in this location I’ll be curious as to why the 4 or 5 other existing buildings back there couldn’t have been renovated or upgraded instead. There will be this shiny new restaurant and the same outdated buildings next door that aren’t used as much anymore, which would make losing the cars a bit more upsetting.

At this point, we will just have to wait and see.

Miss Keats has been on death's door since Backbeat came in. With the indoor air conditioned seating and dedicated restrooms, it's way underutilized. They should have kept the burritos/bowls in that location.

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OK probably dumb idea but what about the possibility that whatever is happening to the cars in Frontier Town could be related to Wicked Twister going bye-buy? Most things that surround Wicked Twister have been moved at some point what if the cars are being rerouted to go around something moved from another area of the park? There might be space there for cars and a flat or two if they get creative. What if the changes at the two different areas are somehow related? Maybe the picture is bigger than we realize? Maybe it isn't but too early to tell with us getting no info from the park officially other than Wicked Twister is going and a restaurant is coming. I don't have any Lemon Chill inside scoops, I'm just letting my mind wander.

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Seemingly, a roller coaster was teased last February in the Antique Cars area according to this news article.

Upside-down Fun House

Unless the park dug up that area, poured footers, covered the footers and regrew the grass to the exact same color and condition as it was previously, I’m gonna say it is not a new rollercoaster.

But, stranger things have happened.

They haven't hinted at what type of food's going to be served at the new place yet have they? If nothing else changes in frontier town (I agree they should bring back burritos) they've already got burgers, bbq, fried chicken (x2), & Pizza in that area. If not a mexican restaurant, I think a country dinner type place would work well and fit the theme. Roast beef/ham, mashed/sweet potatoes, stuffing, corn, greens, etc. ...or maybe I'm just looking forward to thanksgiving.

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I’ll withhold further judgement until I see it, but I’ll miss the “free” car ride when it’s replaced by a $$$ factory.

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New blog by Tony confirms the Antique Cars have been retired. The new restaurant will fill the land. With all the other buildings back there that could use a refurb, this seems like a waste of that space.

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Remember when someone said they announce ride closures? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Very disappointed unfortunately. But I suspect this is the result of current leadership. Out of the two cars attractions this was by far the better one. Can’t say I’m surprised just let down I guess.

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DRE420 said:

With all the other buildings back there that could use a refurb, this seems like a waste of that space.

While I agree that other buildings back there need some love, this is a fantastic location for a much-needed large eatery. It's central to FT (so can probably be accessed from the north, east, and west, if not the south as well), offers a ton of space for indoor and outdoor dining, and is just a nice area with the pond and what trees remain.


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My initial guess is that this new location will do more specialized menus that change routinely. Kings Island has had weekly "Chef's Plate" special menus that have been popular with pass holders. The Grand Carnivale also has focused on having a lot of unique food to get pass holders to visit.

Kings Island is the season pass model that Cedar Point seems to be trying to recreate.

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Except Kings Island blows Cedar Point out of the water when it comes to family oriented attractions.

I agree that it is a great spot for a large eatery, unfortunately it seems like all that is left in that area are buildings. I admit I have not ridden those cars for quite some time as the kids have outgrown them (what is the sense in driving a car on a track when I can drive a real car now?) but walking by that area always seemed like a nice setting. I enjoyed the grass and trees and even the cars from the perspective of watching the little kids get a big kick out of driving their parents around.

Now there will be a building there.

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Indeed, it's especially awful because that leaves only Wave Swinger as the lone, lonely family attraction back there.


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