News: Cedar Fair plans for 2022 include return of Cedar Point events, Frontier Town restaurant

$175-$200M in cap ex? $520M in cash and $900M+ in liquidity? I think you’re confusing Cedar Point with Cedar Fair.


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Mrs Knott’s Fried Chicken, please.
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Have they actually said it will be an indoor restaurant? I've seen mention of a dining experience. Could it be some sort of outdoor thing under the trees and across the bridge? probably an indoor restaurant but could be a nice venue if outdoor.

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I REALLY hope it has some indoor, climate controlled seating. It's so nice to eat at Brewhouse at KI, or sitting down at Miss Keats (better when it served burritos, I'm still bitter). Coney BBQ and Backbeat are nice, but the outdoor seating in sweltering heat, rain or cold is not how I want to eat my lunch.

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I've said for years, a large indoor food/entertainment venue at CP would be a license to print money as most of the ones they have are too small and not enough of a menu for park the size of Cedar Point. I'm hoping for something along the lines of Harmony Hall at Carowinds, but we've not really gotten any indication that's what we're getting. Could be anything at this point. Could be like Harmony Hall/Festhaus or could be a $60 per plate sit down restaurant. To me, the area up by the former Wildcat is much more in need of a good food offering than Frontier Town and to me that area of the park just looks downright trashy compared to what we had with the Antique Cars in Frontier Town. I also can't help but notice the number of CLOSED food locations on a typical visit and even the more recent additions like Back Beat and Hugo's almost never have both of the serving sides opened up. I guess I'll just have to reserve judgement until I see the finished product. Another food choice shouldn't be a bad thing I guess. Hopefully it fits into the area, offers a great meal/experience and doesn't appear to be an out of place monstrosity.

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Shane Denmark said:

$175-$200M in cap ex? $520M in cash and $900M+ in liquidity? I think you’re confusing Cedar Point with Cedar Fair.

They in the statement is Cedar Fair..nice try to be obtuse. Money comes from corporate. The only thing stopping the museum renovation now is the will, as stated before.

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We all need to listen to CED23 as he/she obviously has insider knowledge on all things Cedar Fair and Sandusky..... 🙄

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Per Tony’s blog post: “Our entire team is working on menu, theming, name and more.”

Spoiler alert: The theming will probably be western ;)

I’m hoping that the Town Hall project also gets completed this winter, and that the other buildings at least get some touching up.

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Not having the closure of the ride announced is still a bummer. I do get, though, that plans can change quickly, but I'm leaning towards the park really not thinking it was important enough to announce. I have always (and always will) fully embraced the winds of change at Cedar Point; sometimes a "heads up" is just common courtesy.

I'll get over it. Especially if they pull this off as good as I think they could.

Brandon's (DJ) point is spot on. This is a prime location that beats out some of the underused buildings on the edges of Frontier Town due to its accessibility from all sides. I like the fact that they are keeping the bridge, which also suggests that the aesthetics of the area are being considered.

With regards to a themed dining experience in such a beautiful location, the park has an opportunity to hit a homerun. A Frontier-themed spin on a Festhaus-type experience has some appeal.

Just for nostalgia, here are the last two pics I got of the ride. including the last one of my girls taking me for a spin.

Drivin' her off into that great big amusement park in the sky.

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Kevinj, you are such a scofflaw! Cameras and phones are strictly prohibited on all rides and violating this is grounds for removal from the park.

Just pulling your leg, I have that exact same photo of my son driving me through the bridge.

That bridge picture made me remember bouncing the cars while going through it. Kids always thought that was funny.

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I would not be surprised if this ended up being some kind of open air barbecue experience, maybe even with entertainment. That would make a ton of sense to me.

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I think something like that could work well back there, but I don't see them doing BBQ again unless they're also going to re-invent Back Beat Q which is only a few years old. I feel like a taco/burrito type place could do well, but it doesn't really fit in with the area. They probably should have done that in the former Witches Wheel location and done BBQ in this Frontier Town location.

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I like that idea, Jeff. Large food venue with entertainment, and a bar with a decent selection of drinks!

The biggest issue for me with Backbeatcue is that if it's miserably hot I can't get in A/C while I eat. If it's raining hard, there are only a few tables that aren't going at least get me partially wet. And if it's a cold closing day my beans are going to turn into a popsicle. Same goes for Corral, and with that one you also get the addition of really mediocre food.

I hope this new concept addresses a few of these issues. Hugo's gets it right with indoor seating that doesn't (usually) fill to the point of no availability. I would love to see this one build on that.

But if they started building places with heat and AC, eventually they wouldn't be able to use that reason not to do a winterfest.

You’d have to get there without freezing to death.

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I miss the Town Hall Museum. Funny how things change. As I kid I barely knew it existed, as an adult I spent a good amount of time getting out of the sun and exploring the history of the park.

Now that I have moved out of Ohio, and Cedar Point isn't a quick trip down the road, I'm sure I'll learn to value my trips there so much more. And a museum would be a great way to relax and soak in the atmosphere.

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