Front Gate Destruction/Construction

So how soon do we think before we see the existing main entrance gone and work on it for the new area and coaster?

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Purely a guess, but I'm saying 2 weeks until the front gate is gone.

Is the new entrance going to be the actual entrance for the park, or it going to be where you buy the tickets? On the computer concept design, it just shows the spire structure and nothing in front of or behind it. Is there going to be something else built that wasn;t shown in the design?

I can't imagine that they are going to have people buy there tickets and enter the park in the same place.

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The turnstile area will essentially be the same placement, only with a new structure around it. Ticket booths, including group sales pickup windows, will be perpendicular and on the right, so if you were approaching head-on, a long-ish building would be on your right. The old building on the left with season passes will be repurposed and apparently be made entirely for pass processing.

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Looks like they have started according to the webcam pic I just seen!

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Yep it looks like they've started taking it down.

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Glad the front section with that blue "mustache" is gone, I'm surprised they started this early, I thought they wouldnt get to that area until about February or something.

If they are indeed drilling into the concrete towers to use as supports for the inversion, then those would need to be done before track passes through that area, and once they start putting track up it goes pretty quickly.

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The towers will probably be built around the supports. I would guess be made of steel framing, then plywood, an insulated foam layer, with the final plastic shell for the finished surface.

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From the "Ok,Ok,Alright I must admit Cedar Point is Freakin AWESOME!!!!" Facebook page:

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Ah Man! They cut down the trees! WHY?! What did those trees do wrong? Plus I thought they were part of the rendering in the Gatekeeper video? I'm glad I took pictures of the front gate when I did, because now it's a memory.

^ Have you learned from the Maverick renderings. Stuff changes, and they are only suppose to give a general Idea of what the ride will look like, not the entire entrance. And calm down its only a few trees,and who knows they might be replaced in the new entrance plaza.

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You know Cedar Point, those trees were not harming anyone. I get removing trees when track is going there or something but I don't see how those trees will at all affect the new entrance.

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Shawn Meyer said:
... I thought [the trees] were part of the rendering in the Gatekeeper video? .

Coasterkyle said:
^ ... they might be replaced in the new entrance plaza.

Does this mean they're re-doing *just the entrance gates, or are they going to redo the whole entrance area?...I really hope it's the second one; ha ha!

New trees will be planted. Relax.

Then why chop down trees if you're going to replant them?

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Exactly and unless they plant full grown trees, they won't be nearly as nice as the ones before.

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I am 100% sure, that like Disney, they have a tree farm off-site somewhere.

Oh enough about the trees. They're removed because they're in the way of a project.

They will replace them with more trees and you'll forget they were even there in the first place.

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[sarcasm]I don't know man, there could be that one person who will look at the new entrance and say "Back in the day, there use to be a whole row of 6 trees right I can't even look at this spot the same way."[/sarcasm]

Seriously though, if there's construction for ANYTHING and there are trees being removed, 100% of the time it's for some kind of reason. The extent to which they are redoing the entrance could include not just the buildings but the entire concrete area as well.

I would personally expect a "new opening statement" like this to include nice, new landscaping.

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