Christmas party version 2007.

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Well it's that time of the year again for our annual christmas party at gameworks.

As far as a good date to have it on, I was thinking of december 1st(a sat), or the 8th(a sat as well).

I did not want to make it a week or 2 before christmas because people seem to be buisy.

So....who is going?

Any input?

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December 1 is best.

Funny thing is, I opened up PB earlier to post this very topic, and got sidetracked here at work. Go figure. :)

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The 8th is GOCC's Christmas Party. Not sure when ACE's is....It would be nice to know when that is, I don't think they had one last year..

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The Northeast Ohio ACE Christmas party is scheduled for December 1st. I know that they did have one last year even though I didn't get to go to it.

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Either weekend is fine (airfare is the same price for both weekends... at least for now anyway). The sooner I know a date, the sooner I can get things in motion on my end to get everything booked.

If I have to vote, then 1 Dec.


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If the 1t and 8th are already taken, why not just go for the 15th?

The first is better for me than the 8th. The 15th works just fine for me, however.

.. as usual, just let me know when the date is set...

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How the heck are you doing anyway Rob?

Sweet, Its beer tower time again!

Any of those dates are good for me.

If my wife gets me sick again (like last years party and last weekend)... well i wont do anything about it really but complain a whole bunch.
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raptorqueen, are you an Oldsmobile fan?

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Hey, guess what guys!? I can stay past their curfew!:)


p.s.- I'm good any weekend

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Coastern3rd said:
raptorqueen, are you an Oldsmobile fan?

Yes I am an Oldsmobile fan.

I think the 15th would be nice so it doesn't conflict with the Coaster Club Christmas parties.

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Red Garter Rob said:
.. as usual, just let me know when the date is set...

OMG he lives!! ;)

Just lmk the date and hubby and I will be there too as long as it isn't the same time as the GOCC or ACE Xmas get togethers!

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15 Dec appears to work for me as well. Can we lock on this date?

I may attend, the 15th should be ok for me as well... though anyday is good as long as I know 3 Weeks ahead of time.

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Hey, who in Ohio (that is lazy and doesn't want to drive to Michigan) wants to have a get-together? :)


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If anyone wants to come to Windsor to a get together I'll go, otherwise I'll see everyone in May. :)

(PS you only have to be 19 to gamble, drink, and go to the strip bars!) **incentive**

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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Well Im 18 and can go to strip booyah!:)

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Hey e x i t english I'm flying in from Seattle... you can at least drive up from Ohio. :P

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That's true.

I'll commit then :). Here is my official statement:

I am planning on showing up, with Jen, provided I don't have to work whatever weekend you guys plan. If I do have to work, I apologize in advance.


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