Cedar Point's Next Coaster

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Bobb-z said:

I like to think this means another RMC project, sooner or later.

You're reading too much into it. This is boilerplate PR fluff. I'm not saying he's not being honest about the experience, but as far as working with CF again, what is he supposed to say? "No, we at RMC hate money"? ;-)


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All interesting comments about the RMC idea. We'll just have to C what happens.

I hope RMC never touches Gemini. Yeah, there is a lot of wooden structure to work with there, but no need to turn it into another wild ride like Steel Vengeance. Gemini can be slow on the turns, but we need slower paced rides.

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Does RMC have any all wood designs or might they in future?

If Blue Streak ever gets too rough, it could conceivably be Topper'd. There'd be uproar, but the individual lapbar headrest trains have changed the ride so much already, by all accounts. It's a heritage ride, and they'll Topper it before they Topple it ;-)

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The next RMC doesn't have to be a conversion of an existing coaster, they could build a new ground-up coaster. Maybe a topper track coaster or a T-Rex coaster.

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I’m very interested to see the public’s and the park’s (and the enthusiasts’) reaction to Golden Lasso and Railblazer. If they are successful, and right now I don’t know why they shouldn’t be, I could totally see CP with one of those. It would be innovative yet proven, quite unlike anything we’ve seen in the Midwest, and could represent another satisfying partnership with RMC. We seem busy trying to find a use for that beach space now that the stadium is gone, so I see a potential spot there, and that’s if they don’t decide a permanent entertainment venue is more appropriate. Better yet might be the island once the dinos are gone. With the entrance and queue on the Magnum side it could even share space with a water ride accessed from the Trail.

Oh, and wait. It would have to be the tallest, longest, fastest, and mostest something-something, of course...

I don't see CP getting an RMC Raptor anytime soon. The capacity of those rides is too low for a park like CP that gets crazy attendance every year.

To fix this problem, I always thought that if you made an RMC Raptor with wing-coaster or Skyrush-style trains, you instantly double your capacity and make it easier for larger parks to acquire them without ridiculously long lines.

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That already exists - RMC T-Rex.

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And there would be plenty of design solutions available to side-step many capacity issues. Dual load, longer course, block sections, etc. (Remember, tallest, longest, fastest,..). The T-Rex coaster is interesting but now that I’ve seen them go around and have ridden virtually, I’m really anxious to try a single seat Raptor ride some day. It seems to offer an added amount of precariousness, especially on the turns.
Remember too that CP has operated coasters with lower capacity- Wildcat and Disaster Transport come to mind. Now granted, they weren’t always the latest thing but they were once.
Fiesta Texas may not have quite the attendance that CP does, but it was built in the nation’s 7th most populous city.
In other words, I wouldn’t rule it out. And if the ride is successful for CF in California then I’d expect the concept to expand to sister parks.

^^IMO, MiA is a perfect candidate for a Raptor. That would definitely get me back to that park for a visit.

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This thread is ridiculous...but I mean it pops up every year so I guess...

Honestly, not sure what the next would be. I do see some spots opening or even moving some things around for room and being a bit more concise, but what to put there ,dunno. The biggest gap in a lineup to me right now is a true wild mouse. It's also another family esque coaster which I think the park actually needs.

If anything right now I'd like to see them expand a bit more family offerings or kids rides. I have a good bit to enjoy in the park, but kids areas are good - but can always be improved. Remember folks, as long as families are happy and visit the park, it gives back to us in the form of new coasters.

I'd love a park with literally nothing but coasters, but honestly most of y'all are pretty cheap or act like crazed enthusiasts...sooo it wouldn't work out..the family model keeps the park alive and thriving.

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CP definitely needs to focus on some family attractions for now. And really, they only need two things in my opinion:

  1. Some sort of dark ride. Though I'd settle for a wild mouse, assuming they can get the height requirement down to no more than 42".
  2. A family-friendly flume ride. Seriously, just pay someone to make an exact copy of Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, and put it on the Island, accessible via the dinos bridge.

Those two things would be a big improvement, giving families a couple more exciting attractions they can actually enjoy together. Then they can go back to building coasters for a while.


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Add me to the "more family rides = more room for thrill rides to breathe" camp.

I saw a Youtube render of a Flying Ace Aerial Chase family B&M invert for Planet Snoopy. Very modest in height and length, it would be ideal for families as it offers moderate fun for parents (restraints without vests) whilst giving kids a moreish taste of a "real" AAA steel coaster.

Its rider requirement of 45 inches isn't ideal, but an improvement over CP's other offerings. Even the mine ride has a harsher height restriction, ditto Iron Dragon. The latter could be fixed with new open cars similar to Chessington's Vampire, which allow a four year old to ride, as well as offering a higher thrill.

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I always though that a ride like the Indiana Jones ride from Disneyland would be a huge hit on Dino Island. Jeeps taking you on an adventure, and they move around like they’re driving on bumpy terrain. You can still use a Dino theme, just get better Dino’s. It would be extremely unique for CP, family friendly yet has an impact, and it would be a good addition to the flat ride collection.

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That would be a unique opportunity to use the park's last real cluster of forest, on the island. Anything that does end up going there better not be at the expense of those trees. Do they ever relocate trees on the island rather than simply trucking them off?

The haunt building in SV's infield could be used year round for a walk through attraction, if not one with actors due to the staffing issue.

If we build it, they will come.

Most children don't hit 48" until 8-9, maybe 7. And its not like CP has many tame coasters.

Coasters: Iron Dragon, Mine Ride, and Blue Streak are the tamer rides available at 48". Even Gemini, for all the talk in another thread, is still a big ride that will intimidate a younger kid. Corkscrew, Magnum, and Millennium are all fairly to highly intense. I am not including The kid coasters or Pipe scream as that is pretty much one too.

For another regional amusement park that would be a pretty stellar line up, but CP brings in an exponentially larger number of people. With their big push for more families to make multi-day visits I think something with a true height requirement, not a ride with companion, in the 42"-44" range is needed.

I think there needs to be a review of the height requirements for all their rides, especially at CP but the rest of the chain too. When parents have to choose an trip for a family they will be looking holistically at what all their children can do, and every other amusement park seems to have lower height requirements for their rides.

Visionist- I know of examples where CP has moved more decorative trees from one midway location to another. But for general clearing? I’m sure they’re cut and the stumps are ground out. Moving is expensive.

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Blue Streak tame? Yeah right, most of the time I think that is the most terrifying ride in the park!

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I second that. Blue Streak also feels like the most terrifying ride in the park. Even though it's wood, it would be great if they can make Blue Streak smoother.

From the photos I've seen, it looks like Cedar Point's next coaster is a model of Steel Vengeance...

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Which I’m afraid is going to have pacing problems.

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