Bon Aire section and other exterior changes to Hotel Breakers

Probably not yet. When I checked on Thursday they said they were shooting for opening them this weekend. I asked if they had the rooms included in that Breakers map they give everyone upon check in and she opened a book and showed me where they were, but the layout wasn't clear.
What I do know is there's three rooms each on the fourth and fifth floors. They apparently took the tiny employee rooms and knocked out walls to create larger guest rooms. They all face the lake as the elevators take up the front half of the floors. The girl told me that the small wings on each side of the patio will be open too, as if (like the rotunda) they hadn't opened with the hotel.
It seems to me that if you want a really brand new room to stay in at the Breakers the rotunda rooms are the way to go. They really are new from the floor up.
I was told the hallway over the entrance, where crappy rooms once existed, is now offices so that's a good thing.

I thought the lobby looked really nice, the dark brown walls seem contemporary and classic as well. The graphics on the mezzanine level are huge, and might be slightly overdone for my taste, but fun to see. Those Edison lightbulbs, so popular these days, appear everywhere from the front desk to the Surf, to the Starbucks. It's almost like they were trying a little too hard for a nostalgic look with those, to me they always go a little on the industrial side.

Another thing I noticed that might've have been better planned, design-wise, is the furniture. In the Surf and on the patio, especially, it seemed lightweight and cheap, with a lot of contemporary lines and materials. It could have been a nice chance for some old fashioned wicker or at least furnishings that were more in line with the period. I wonder how many people, after a few, will lean back and fall off of those ultra short backed barstools?

The shortened entrance hallway is nice, it seems like less intimidating of a trip. The two gift shops off the lobby have been replaced by one large one near the front door. They didn't seem to have a lot of merchandise, though, the displays and shelves seemed bare. I'm sure that will change as the season goes on. There are a few Breakers-specific items like t shirts, hoodies, and sweat shirt blankets which I thought about for a second.

The exterior of the hotel is beautiful, and it's so odd not to see those steps in front anymore. The new, proper porte cochere will be a welcome relief to both staff and visitors I'm sure. The pale yellow exterior color is perfect and the nostalgic posters and billboards look great. Whoever thought of the new driving entrance is a genius, it pulls you around to approach the hotel dead on to the front and gives a spectacular initial view of the place.

So, for a seasonal hotel, the Breakers really shines now. They've done their best to modernize the place and (for the most part) keep the historical aspect of the hotel alive. Considering what might have been the fate of this grand lady, we should all be grateful for its preservation.

I agree with everything you just said! What also stands out to me are the amazing red and yellow umbrellas on the beach. To me, they just fit perfect.

The ONLY thing I would change is the confusion of driving into the hotel parking lot. The road to the maintenance shop is right there. I foresee a lot of guests accidentally taking that road instead of going into the parking lot. And the sharp corner cutting turn to park in the Breakers East lot is a little crazy to me.

But, if minor things about the parking lot is the only thing I have a gripe with, I have to say that they did an awesome job with the property!

My daughter and I spent the day at the park today. Took a Starbucks break at the hotel. Wow! Everything is so new, yet looks and feels like its been there 100 years.

Being from Toledo, I've never stayed on site, but I think that will change this year.

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The park just uploaded this time lapse of the construction:

I was hoping for one of these. Really nice video.

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We stayed in the tower section Saturday night. I'm glad Bon Aire section is gone. I wish there were automatic doors to enter from the parking lot where Bon Aire used to be. It's not easy to get your bags in through 2 sets of doors. The renovations are very classy. I'm very impressed, especially with the rotunda. I will miss the old creaky floors and the tin on the walls of the second floor lobby area. I was looking forward to going in the new bar, but it closed at 10:00. I found that a little odd. We loved the interior of the new rooms. The color schemes, light fixtures, flat screen TV, bathroom fixtures, and furnishings are all very modern and fun. Overall very very nice and much more in the line of a $250 price range room than in the past.

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Saloon Junkie said:

I was looking forward to going in the new bar, but it closed at 10:00. I found that a little odd.

Yeah, they turned off the fire pits pretty early Saturday night, probably around that time. That was disappointing, to say the least. Hopefully that's something they'll change as the season goes on.


I wonder what the mindset is behind that. You play all day at Cedar Point, then come back to the hotel and there's nothing to do? What's the point of staying at Breakers then?

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Exactly. Saturday was our "eat, drink, and be merry" day, so we had spent some time on the beach that evening. A bit after the sun set, we headed over to the fire pits. Literally as soon as we got there, they turned them off. I would have been pretty disappointed had we been staying at Breakers. Why not keep the fire pits going until Fridays closes (since you can grab drinks to go)?


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I'm actually quite disappointed in hearing that, too. I've been planning a Breakers Stay just for the purpose of wanting to hang out and chill by the fire/on the beach - I was looking forward to something other than Friday's the unwind and cap off a nice day.

Nice time lapse summary except the snow. Ugh - I hate snow.

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Make your comments known to the front desk. Maybe enough will get them to change their decision to turn them off so early.

I'll make my position known by not reserving at Breakers. Plus, I'm more of a "just need a bed" guy anyway.

Hopefully they'll course-correct soon enough on details like the fire pit hours. Breakers has gone so long being a fairly bare bones operation that they're still adjusting to actually providing a pleasant environment for their guests.

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I was pretty disappointed in what seemed to be intermittent operation of the firepits and early closing of the lobby bar as well. Arrived at 11:20 to see fire for about 1 minute and then they were off. Then 20 minutes later a maintenance guy came by and was like "hey I found the switch and turned them back on..." The bar supposedly closed at 10:40 that night and he said he turned away about 25 people in 40 minutes.

Not sure why they'd want to build all that awesomeness and close it so early? I suspect it's a poor decision based on what would have been wanted by the higher ups during the Kinzel years and they might correct it once they see that there's demand for some late night activities.

I actually put this as a comment in the survey they sent us after our stay. Not sure how much attention gets paid to those, but I can hope they get it "fixed" by Coastermania. :)


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The fire pits turn off automatically at 11:00pm.

Just go to the desk and ask them to turn them back on, the beach hut by the ramp to the beach is where the controls are.

We asked them twice last week and Jake was more then pleasant to accommodate us.

The lounge employees are trying to get manager to allow them to stay open later, he allowed them for big games so far that's all :(

Again, pass info to the front desk and maybe that will change too

We also put that in our survey email.

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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Last Saturday, the fire pits turned off prior to 11:00PM. I know this because I was passed out in my bed at Castaway by 10:45PM. :-)


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It seems pretty weird to not keep the bar open until at least midnight or 1 on the weekend. Maybe 2 if the park closes at midnight. And unless it's 80 degrees at night, you'd think the pits would be up until at least midnight too.

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Scottyf said:

I'll make my position known by not reserving at Breakers.

Letting the park know why you're no longer reserving at Breakers will help them recognize there's an issue, though.

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Weird observation about the bar. Any who, what kind of food do they serve there? Burgers, wings, fries, etc. I'm assuming...

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I asked on Trip Advisor if the bar would be open past 10 in the future, and this was the response:

Tyler A
Property representative
Closing times vary based on the park hours and business level.

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