Bon Aire section and other exterior changes to Hotel Breakers

We stayed in a suite last night in the rotunda second floor. I am very very much impressed. The room is gorgeous. I noticed a few existing old beams which I found interesting. The floor is still creaking underneath the new flooring in the bathroom, which I think is cool also. The bathroom is so nice! When you open the door to the rotunda, all you smell is Starbucks. Awesome!!! We could hear the band outside our window. It's amazing, and I loved being able to go downstairs and get a Rougabrew on tap. They've done an amazing job updating this hotel. I will be back repeatedly.

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It was one of the first hotels with private baths, but only a small number of rooms had such a luxury. Most guests "enjoyed" shared bathrooms back in 1905.

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Saloon Junkie, if you have any pictures of the Rotunda Suites, would you be willing to share?

I'm having issues getting pics to post on here.

The camera is point to the Breaker for the first time in a while. It is great to see all of the work complete, the grass green and everything a pretty as a picture. CP did a great job with this renovation.

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Looking to book a room for a night in July and it seems many of the rooms are unavailable! Good for the park that's for sure.

So we're staying at Breakers Monday-Tuesday and Tuesday-Wednesday. This will be the first time we'll get the opportunity to stay and actually enjoy Breakers 2.0 :)

Usually with our family, we get a big table in the rotunda and catch up after we get back from the park. I was wondering if you're still allowed to hang out in there after a certain time considering all rooms in the rotunda are now available, and for the sake of quietness, would we be disturbing anybody from sleeping? It's not like we go crazy by screaming and shouting, but laughter does carry when you're in the rotunda.

Also, anybody who has stayed there recently, have they extended the hours for the Surf Lounge now that we're into the busy months of the season?

Any help would be appreciated.

Last time i was there, they said the bar was open until midnight now. I don't think there are any restrictions on being in the rotunda although they might kick you out if you're obnoxious. :) They have a few couches and stuff, but I don't think there is any of the old wicker chairs and tables like there used to be. If it's nice outside, being out front by the firepits is probably a better place to relax and chat than the rotunda.


I just read some reviews on Trip Advisor. Someone from Atlanta says the Breakers is adequate for the Midwest area. Lol! Wow, if Ohio isn't upscale enough for them, maybe they should stay in Atlanta. I wish you could respond to the reviews on there.

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It's certainly very nice, but it's a long way from a 5-diamond hotel. I think if they can keep up the level of service and make good on the remainder of the upgrades (mostly common areas), it could definitely qualify as a 4-diamond (unless there's some criteria I'm unaware of, like room service).

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The basic AAA guidelines are:

1 Diamond: Budget-oriented, offering basic comfort and hospitality.

2 Diamonds: Affordable, with modestly enhanced facilities, decor and amenities.

3 Diamonds: Distinguished, multifaceted with enhanced physical attributes, amenities and guest comforts.

4 Diamonds: Refined, stylish with upscale physical attributes, extensive amenities and a high degree of hospitality, service and attention to detail.

5 Diamonds: Ultimate luxury, sophistication and comfort with extraordinary physical attributes, meticulous personalized service, extensive amenities and impeccable standards of excellence.

There is a detailed guide that goes into more specifics of each.

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Yeah, I think a 4 is within reach. At the very least, the hotels at Universal Orlando get 4's, and I had a string of awful experiences at those ending in early 2011.

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