Bon Aire section and other exterior changes to Hotel Breakers

I did a small search and didn't find any of these things being brought up about the exterior/facade of Hotel Breakers.

I was looking at the renderings for the hotel and it seems as if they're trying to make it look more like a castle with the addition of the conical style roofing to the towers section with the flags on top. I think it will look nice when it's all done if they go according to plan.

It also seems as if the Rotunda is receiving extra sun light from the top with the addition of a conical type of sunlight jutting from the center of the rotunda. I think this will be awesome

Now for the tricky question that I'm surprised I haven't seen discussed yet (if it has been discussed, I'm sorry). With this picture:
and the 2014 Announcement video: , the image and video doesn't pan to the right past the towers section. However, in this video: it pans further past the towers section and shows as if the Bon Aire section has been removed with the addition of some planted trees in its current (next year, former) location. Has Cedar Point stated whether or not that section will be torn down or just renovated?

I would love to hear opinions or statements made about what the park has told us about these renovations if possible. Thanks everybody

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With the average starting price of a room in this section now at $200 per night (in it's current condition), another change is going to be a price increase to cover the improvements.

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They just refreshed the Bon Aire wing. Unless they explicitly announce plans to add rooms, I doubt it's going anywhere.

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"Refreshed" is such a nice term - considering it's the only large section (more than 50 rooms) three story hotel I can think of without any elevators, and yet still resembles a college dorm in it's decor.

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I actually don't mind the Bon Air section of the hotel. When I think of college dorm decor, I think of the Twin section, not Bon Air.

This is the twin section:

That being said, I think the Bon Air section is getting the axe. I'm quite confident that it will, because it's not ADA compliant, and I think getting it up to standards is going to cost more than razing the structure.

You can quote me and tell me I'm wrong if the building doesn't come down with the hotel updates, but I'm pretty confident that it will.

I was just wondering if anybody heard anything about the future of that section because of the rendering video from WKYC. Also, since in the announcement video, it didn't pan further to the right past the towers section. It's a cool discussion to think about if you ask me. I'm just wondering how much less availability there will be if that section goes.

I didn't even notice the addition of the cupola to the rotunda. I think it would look slightly less doofy if it was the same shingled color and not a contrast color, but oh well, the rest of the facelift looks excellent and we'll see how it looks in practice.

In terms of the awnings I think blue serves Breakers much better than red and yellow striped, but a rendering's a rending, really. At the very least the tower will stop looking like an institution, at least a little.

CUPOLA! That's what it's called! One of the very many simple things I have learned as an architect major and one of the very few I have forgotten the name to.

I'm so excited to see offseason pictures of the exterior renovations!

SteveH said:
With the average starting price of a room in this section now at $200 per night (in it's current condition), another change is going to be a price increase to cover the improvements.

This is not always true, this type of investment is made to drive occupancy in an effort for growth in revpar long term and increase return business. The value perceived to the overnight guest will also increase repeat business and drive to the resorts bottom line. With the high price tag of the work they are completing it should be easily assumed that parrot the work will involve efficiencies such as current lighting to led lighting which can save substantial amounts if money in a short period. Prime example Kalahari Resort converting just the Vanity and ceiling lighting in guest rooms will save them roughly 20 percent on electric and pay for it's self in under a year and a half (initial cost in the 7 million dollar range) so don't assume right off the bat price increase acrossed the board until the full demand is there (current occupancy avg through the season at breakers is under 70 percent and below avg)

Article with pics of the renovations so far from the Toledo Blade.

I'd like to see a clarification of what they meant by "repositioning".

I was looking through old photo albums while at my parents for Easter dinner. There were quite a few interesting photos taken during a vacation in July 1981, a couple of which show the beach side of Breakers rotunda. It's amazing how much it has changed since then, and I am looking forward to seeing the new changes this Summer.

I had a chance to scan them today and thought I would share.

Here are a few things that I was surprised to see in THIS picture.
-Chain link fence, topped with barb wire, separating Breakers from the beach. Very inviting!
-Pay-to-view binoculars
-Stairs on both sides of the sun deck
-The red fire escape
-No pool

HERE is a similar shot, taken from further away. I was the five-year-old, hiding behind the flag pole.

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Nice photos. Really shows how much it's changed, even over the last 30 years.

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Nice to see the old photos. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

You just needed a red + white hat and we could have done a "Where's Waldo" type of picture. LOL

Wow, that's an awesome picture. However, keep in mind, we won't be seeing changes to the exterior of the main entrance and Rotunda of Breakers until next season, along with the interior renovations.

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Anyone else kind of surprised the exterior still hasn't been finished? I thought it would be done by the time the season started.

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We had an EXTREMELY bad winter...

Yeah, but KI managed to get Banshee ready and all the theming came together amazingly well... ;)

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I see the winky, but I must respond anyway. :)

KI is in southern OH, and it's not right on a frozen lake.

So, yeah. Plus, B&M isn't doing the refurb on Breakers. hah.

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I doubt the exterior of Breakers was ever scheduled to be done by spring, it is probably an ongoing project that runs through next year, along with the interior that will start probably sometime in the fall.

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