Bon Aire section and other exterior changes to Hotel Breakers

At first, I wasn't impressed much with what seemed to be minimal exterior improvements. However, the more and more I look at the nicely renovated sections of Breakers alongside the old, unloved sections, the more impressed I am. Breakers is definitely looking pretty slick! :)

I would still love to see pics of these renderings in the lobby! :)

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Links to the two pictures of the renderings in the lobby that i took.

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Thanks! So from the looks it looks like the tower section will be expanding into Bon-Air?

Hopefully Cedar Point learns how to make a bed. Old, nasty quilts on beds that are never washed are a thing of the past. Even Best Western has taken note of that.

Example: (Sandcastle Suites):

What is the expectation of today's generation:

Please take note, Cedar Point

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From what I hear some of the rooms on the first floor are done and shown for viewing?

I heard they are really nice. New carpeting, a/c, wallpaper, furniture. Really bright and welcoming and completely feels like a room that would be at a beach resort. All white furniture, with nice headboards with a pic of the Giant Wheel at the headboard.

Cool. It'd be neat to check them out if they really do have some model units.

Now if only you could get the live webcams on some nice LCD TV's to go along with that picture of Giant Wheel. :)

Thanks for the pics JW Addington. The exterior in the renderings looks nice, but it is apparent that they are going to truncate the entrance hall. I will really miss that, I can't explain why. I think that, ever since I was a kid, that hallway would be the first thing I'd walk through upon arrival, brimming with excitement of what was to come. And, I love that it sets the tone for the historical feel.

Circumcising the entrance corridor is a lot like eliminating the lift hill portion of, say, Magnum's ride experience.

Oh well. Could be worse I guess.

I just booked a room in what will likely be the twin section for what seems to be its final weekend, the insane Columbus Day weekend. I can't wait! If the crowds get too unbearable, I'll just relax in my crappy room and watch the fungus grow on the ceiling tiles. I'm getting all sentimental just thinking about it...

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I really like the facelift to the exterior of Breakers, giving it a more unified appearance. For so many years it looked like multiple buildings.

Noticed A LOT of seagull "tracks" on the new roofing. Wonder if this is a problem that can be addressed with the small needle-type objects???

There is a short video playing in the lobby that gives a fairly extensive look at the interior of the renovated Breakers.

Items of note:

-Bon Air will indeed be removed for parking and some greenspace.
-The outdoor pool and jacuzzi by the rotunda will be removed to allow for what might be a small event lawn or just more greenspace.
-The rotunda will feature a Starbucks and the return of the Surf Lounge with what appears to be shared seating areas throughout the rotunda.
-The front entrance will feature a two-story entry space with one of the relocated stain glass windows from the current lobby.
-The video includes Tomo and Perkins, so it appears they are staying.

All in all things look pretty spectacular. It is exciting to see these kind of changes happening at Cedar Point.

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With Bon Air being gone I wonder how many rooms that actually eliminates. Also, anyone else think something will happen with the indoor pool area? I could see its days being numbered.

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I don't agree with the removal of the outdoor pool.

I guess that answers the question of why the smaller hot tub has sat empty.

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That pool is old and has its problems. It makes sense to remove it but I would have guessed they would build another to keep up with demand of the pools on hot days.

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After viewing the video, I'm very pleased with the design. It keeps much of the historic charm of the present structure with some much need contemporary updates. Agreed that the results will be spectacular.

The area where the present rotunda pool is looks nice, I would be interested in seeing what updates and changes will be made to the Breakers East pool. Food and beverage service would be nice. Also, I think many people would choose the beach over the pool if they would provide a swimming area that allows you to go into at least five feet of water depth. It's hard to even cool off in the lake with the present setup.

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than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

We stayed on the concierge floor over the 4th of July weekend. The staff there said that, obviously Bon Aire is to be demolished, no surprise there. They were told that the immediate plan for that area is for additional parking/green space. When I asked about the loss of room capacity at Breakers they stated that the expansion at Lighthouse Point added some additional capacity to that area and they didn't know of any future expansion plans of Breakers itself.

Apparently there is a model room of what the new rooms will be like. The lady said she was very impressed with the new bedding, furniture, towels etc... and that she thinks everyone will be pleased when the updates are completed.

As for the pool area, they didn't have many specifics on it but said that the pools of Breakers were part of the update plan. What appears to be up in the air is if all of this work will be completed this off season or over the next few off seasons.


I forgot to add that I tried to be allowed to see this so called model room... my attempts failed.

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Look on the PointBuzz facebook page for a few pics of the model rooms

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Thanks, that does look good - what an upgrade from the current condition of the hotel rooms. I am looking forward to seeing the completed project for sure. Even though we live close by we still spend a few nights each year at Breakers so this a welcomed project.

They look alright. The pillow assessment is an upgrade but anyone else think the rooms kind of look like a child's bedroom? I kinda liked the modern look of the current rooms with the beds.

Just my opinion though.

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