Bon Aire section and other exterior changes to Hotel Breakers

Hmm, what would a B&M hotel be like, anyway? It would probably be considered "modern" or "industrial" with a lot of exposed beams and ductwork. Perhaps the beds would be designed like coaster trains. You wouldn't even need to walk through the halls; an automated system would take you from your room, out the door, and to the park with the press of a button. Now that you mention it, I would love to spend the night somewhere like that!

My understanding was that they were only using the off-seasons for the hotel renovations. Last winter being the exterior and this winter being the interior. Perhaps that wasn't the plan but it doesn't look to great to have scaffolding on your hotel all season.

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I asked the guy who was checking me in on Saturday night why the availability was so limited, because the lot didn't seem full, and he told me that most of the tower is out of commission as far as booking rooms, so I'm guessing there's more going on that we'd like to think.

Either way, it's looking great, and I can't wait to see it completed.

Ah, okay. For all we know, they focused more on the interior due to the harsh winter. Plans and timelines do change and all.

It definitely is looking a lot nicer on the outside, that's for sure.

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Im guessing the limited availability in the Tower is due to all the rooms that still have scaffolding in front of the windows, privacy issues. Thats pretty much all the 2 queen rooms facing the park in the tower section. I doubt they started the interior already

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I think the interior is for next season.

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I stayed at the Breakers opening weekend and got off at the wrong floor in the towers. They are definitely doing interior renovations in that part of the hotel right now.

Hmm, that's surprising since they said the interior would not start until next off season. Maybe they started earlier on the inside since the weather was so bad this winter.

I think the lobby is where you'll see the big reno this winter.

When I was at the park today the paint on East was done and they were working on the tower. It looks like the main section and bon air have not been touched. I'm thinking maybe they're not even bothering painting those sections since they will be completely scrapped and reconstructed?

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They just reconditioned the interior a year or two ago.

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The main section and rotunda will be refurbished on the outside if you look at the concept art. I think Bon Air will probably be demolished. Just my opinion, I don't think they made an announcement for that.

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I'm fairly certain Bon Air is gone next year, too.

What's sad is, I actually really like that wing of the hotel ever since they refurbished it. I stayed in a "suite" on the 3rd floor 2 weeks ago, with the rounded part facing the beach, so I woke up to a beautiful panoramic view, and lots of sunshine.

The problem, in my opinion, is ADA compliance, but the twin/rotunda/main section suffers the same problem, so what do I know?

Jeff said:
They just reconditioned the interior a year or two ago.

Yeah, but wasn't it just along the lines of new bedding and flat screen T.V.s? That was probably just done for the moment of a two year span. I mean those beds and t.v.s were ridiculously old.

For those of us not familiar with all of the hotel wings, could someone please explain the Bon Aire wing? Is that the old original section attached to the lobby?

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No it's not. It's the section on the west side, that's right next to soak city It looks a bit different from the rest of the hotel (just a bit) from the outside, and you can tell that it's most definitely its own separate section.

It's old, though. I believe it was built in the late 20's (the actual year escapes me) - and some people don't like it. Personally, I kind of dig the "charm" of it, now that it's been updated.

Thanks...I was just about to ask the same thing. How many rooms are in that section?


They just posted some renderings in the lobby of the hotel. Looks like the Bon Air section is going to be removed, as well as the majority of the twin section, including the current entrance to the hotel. The new entrance will be much closer to the actual lobby of the hotel.

That would explain the sections that did not get any TLC on the exterior renovations. It does seem that those sections are on their way out.

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That wouldn't entirely surprise me. I think the lobby and rotunda are important things to preserve, absolutely, but the other parts simply aren't useful. I forget, weren't there once a total of six wings outside of the main center lobby/rotunda area? Maybe it was four. The point is, they're all long gone.

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Sir Bumpalot said:
They just posted some renderings in the lobby of the hotel.

Where did you see this?

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