Besides Valravn(?) What Else for 2016?

That makes a lot more sense but I can't seem to find an official source on the info (like I mentioned earlier). :)

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This is my source:

Valravn Rides: 24| Steel Vengeance Rides: 27| Dragster Rollbacks: 1

I wonder if Canada Wonderland's SkyHawk ride is a product of Cedar Fair's American Pickers inspiration.

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I don't think so, but it could be. I figured they'd be searching for classics, not new tech - either way, I'm interested in that ride, and honestly - I could see one of those going in the old Flight Commander spot at Kings Island.

I only asked because I read somewhere that this ride is from Belantis in Germany and it's former name is Gotterflug. Who knows.

I was thinking the exact same thing about the old Flight Commander spot too.

Yeah, purchasing brand new rides is not an exercise in "picking". The latter refers to going out and finding older items that have value but are merely sitting around as part of someone's collection. It's been described as bringing back classic rides from years gone by, so I would think they would be older models that would need restoration.

The former does not require a trip to anywhere but your nearest computer. A simple Google search of amusement ride manufacturers would provide you with any info you hadn't received from the most recent IAAPA conference.

Recently saw some pics of Raptor supports having some paint on them. I know these images also did surface last year but I'm sure the ride will get some new paint this year with Valravn coming in next door.

Maybe they could start the process of painting TTD as well? Going on 13 years with no paint job...

Of course they could - and they likely will as soon as they find a contractor who knows how to complete the job for a reasonable price. Business 101

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I remember seeing some darker green samples on a couple of Raptor´s supports last year when I was queuing. Was this similar to what the pictures showed?

I definitely think repainting Raptor would make the area much more appealing. Especially when they spruce up the Blue Streak Midway. Almost appears rusted out

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Everyone is going crazy on social media because the bottom of a support has "new" paint. Little do they know that this paint was added like 3 years ago.

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Anyone ever think the Raptor green naturally attracts all the birds to crap on it? I mean I can't think of one other coaster in the park that has as much sea gull crap on it as Raptor!

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As long as they're messing with the Blue Streak area maybe they should finish the roofing job they did on the station a few years back. They never bothered doing the carport/garage (or whatever it would be called on a coaster) roof and boy is it nasty looking.

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It's probably just easier for birds to crap on Raptor since the trains run under the track. If they tried it on any other coaster, they would get run over.

Valravn Rides: 24| Steel Vengeance Rides: 27| Dragster Rollbacks: 1

WolfBobs said:
Anyone ever think the Raptor green naturally attracts all the birds to crap on it? I mean I can't think of one other coaster in the park that has as much sea gull crap on it as Raptor!

If you actually look at Gatekeeper, the first inversion up until the bottom of the airtime hill before the giant flat spin, there is crap all over the track and supports. The good thing is, it really isn't visible to guests since those elements aren't visible from inside the park...rather in the employees only area.

I find it odd that the video shows the empty Pirate Ride building still. This is a prime opportunity the add some sort of shop or building to the front of it. Even another Coke Freestyle center. I would imagine that some food carts or other attractions are added to this brand new midway.

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Given the pirate rides extremely close proximity to Chickies&Pete, it's safe to assume contractual obligations are in effect, I would doubt that a food service facility is going in there. I think you're right there will be some food carts, almost has to be closer to the dive entrance.

A shop of some sort I could see. I really hope not another 3 point challenge!

Hopefully something unique and relative to the area of the park its in.

Perhaps a special customer service center to deal with just the 'security theater' complaints ;)

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

I'm still banking on a new Blue Streak entrance. I HATE its current entrance.

I would hope so - the current entrance is very hidden and out of the way, walking past the side of that building.

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Oh man, a new/revamped BS entrance would be beautiful. I don't remember ever seeing it in its original configuration, but I'm sure I'd like it.

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Blue Streak's original entrance is the present exit, which was both an entrance and exit originally. The queue line turned right and the loading area was where the present control booth is. The train stopped to unload where the present load/unload area is and than was advanced to the load point. The train stopped to load with the front seat being just inside the station.

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