Besides Valravn(?) What Else for 2016?

So are they going to replace the other water tower then?

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^^ I was waiting for someone to say that.

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This is just your typical water tower that every city has. I imagine they'll decorate it, paint it or at the very least put Cedar Point's logo around the top. I don't think it will be that ugly.

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They just built one close to us a few years ago that appears to be nearly identical in size to the one being constructed at Cedar Point. I think it looks just fine after it was painted.

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Whether it's painted or not that style of water tower is ugly.

Puncture a couple of holes in it and create a waterfall effect. :)

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Glad to see they added some new lockers right in front of Magnum entrance. Without those bins they need lockers right at that entrance.

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