Besides Valravn(?) What Else for 2016?

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No he's one of Coaster Studio's "sources" ;)

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That´s even worse...

I can't wait to see what they do with the rest of the BS midway. Wonder what they will turn the Pirate Ride building into? No way they will leave that vacant.

Gotta wonder also if something new will go in where Chickie and Petes is.

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Did someone say they were leaving the park? They made such a big uproar over it coming to CP and it's nothing more than mediocre in my opinion.

Nothing has been said about it leaving. Definitely would not complain if it left though. Game Day Grille in my opinion was much better in that spot.

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I'm going to take the unpopular oppinion and say that I really like Chickie's And Pete's. It's relatively reasonably priced, great fries, and I had a really good Buffalo Chicken Philly Cheesesteak. Other than the fries or pinks, the best food and the absolute best atmosphere of any restaurant in the park.

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The crab fries are good but are they really worth 10 dollars? Not so much.

CPboy77 said:
The crab fries are good but are they really worth 10 dollars? Not so much.

True. Although they were enough for me and 2 friends.

CP Top 5: 1) Steel Vengeance 2) Maverick 3) Magnum 4) Raptor 5) Millennium

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CPboy77 said:

...but are they really worth 10 dollars? Not so much.

Welcome to amusement park pricing. I spent a couple of hours at Six Flags Great America today and once again could not bring myself to spend ten dollars on a glass of MGD.

Clearly, even though you and I are not willing to part with ten dollars for an MGD or an order of crab fries, enough people are, sadly...

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I like the Crab Fries, I split them amongst two friends and myself. Then I usually enjoy a few beers, good times. Then go over to the arcade for bowling. Fun times man

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Chuckwagon, say adios to Pan and the feel of the whole marina gate area. New with no pesky ride obscuring trees! Just like the 150 year old ones they removed from the Panda Express area that were screwing up the view of MF. Per the official site:

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CPMaintMan, is the Marina gate moving in position at all? I heard it may be a little more east but, judging by the proximity of the path the the Cadillac Cars track, it seems like it is not moving at all, just getting rebuilt.

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A smidge East. The support structure for the ride would impinge on the building. Like 5-8 meters or so.

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Yeah, I fully expect the marina gate and entrance to feel 100% new next year. I'll be surprised if anything about the existing entryway survives.

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BTW CPboy77, The former Pirate ride building is not vacant. 60% or so is storage that would be impractical to put elsewhere(unless they build a structure) and 40% is Boo Hill. Boo Hill is unlikely to go anywhere soon, it is the only "kid-friendly" house in all of Halloweekends.

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Boo Hill actually takes up the former loading/unloading area of Pirate Ride. The portion of the building that the ride was actually in is all used as a warehouse for Park Sevices

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So I was glad a couple of the initial ideas were correct. What other things could happen, if anything else?

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I think the last of the announcements for new for next season is the painting on TTD and Raptor.

I'd venture the park will be extra clean and spruced up next year, since they will be hosting the Golden Tickets Awards.

I wouldn't imagine any additional medium to large scale projects that could run into the opening of the season, like this year. Especially since opening day is early next year as well.

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I Agree with what XS said. Tony tweeted earlier today that May 7 will be opening day, which seems pretty early. I sure would hope the park isn't in the same state of disarray at opening next year as it was this year.

I hope they expand the dates for the Brew & BBQ for 2016, I really wanted to go this year but couldn't.

Also, with any luck, something else new for 2016 would be a Dragster that isn't reliably unreliable. It ran like a champ most of the times I was there in 2014, but not this year. Windseeker was down every time I was there this year also, looks like that may turn out to be a terrible investment.

With the parks big 150th anniversary coming relatively soon, I'd expect something major to be built/refurbished (RMC'd Mean Streak hopefully) for that season also.

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I still hope something is done with the Bluestreak midway. It would be more of an eye sore than it is now especially with a brand new roller coaster and midway right next door. Some color (like the Gemini midway), or some landscape would greatly help. Still hoping for a restaurant or shop in the pirate ride building.

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