BESIDES Mantis what else for 2015?

JeffH said:
This could be really crazy, but might CP be about to announce a second park on site? A few days ago Tony did a fun tweetup about the possible layout of the new attraction. Afterwards, he tweeted this, mentioning a giant parking structure and monorail.

The current parking lot would be able to fit a new theme park the size of the Gemini midway to Frontiertown and the frontier trail. About 63 acres give or take.

It could take up to 5 years to build a parking structure (possibly on the mainland), and construct a new park. This also allows them to add an Aquatrax coaster, go over 500ft, and pretty much do everything else Tony was teasing about. But my hopeful thinking says this might be CP's transition to a major resort destination. And what better time to do it than the 150th?

Jeff H.

I'm pretty sure that he mentioned the monorail/parking structure because it was brought up in the original "New for 2015" forum.. In fact, I brought it up. I had mentioned that I always thought that Cedar Point could expand into their parking lot, build a parking structure on the point, or a mainland packing lot with a bus system/monorail bringing guests to the park. It caused a whole uproar and other point buzz members started comparing the park to Disney. Long story short, Tony was just poking fun at what was being talked about here on PointBuzz and this is most likely never going to happen.

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Therman said:
... if you ask me to imagine a roller coaster called "THE KING" ...

If you ask me to imagine a roller coaster called "The King" I think of Elvis.

It's hard for me to believe the park would be naming a coaster after Mr James at this point, even temporarily. The excitement of him returning to Cleveland is long gone. What would be the point?

^ I assume they would name it "King James" but I don't think there is a point either. But the last time we heard anything about this from the park they still said they were going through with it.. so we'll see i guess

So Tony tweeted this link to his "Housekeeping" blog post. Short version? Indeed more to come for 2015 and he never said Mantis leaving was THE 2015 announcement.

Check it out here

But it isn't a major announcement either, which is what Tony and his band of cronies were saying it was for weeks on end.

Just let it go man. To some, Mantis leaving is a major announcement. A ride of that size and not all that old being removed (or modified) is a pretty big deal. We get it. You don't agree with their marketing strategy. Regardless in the end and this time next year, I have a feeling you will STILL be butt hurt by everything 2015.

^^ they weren't saying it for weeks on end. They said the Friday before there would be an announcement. That's not even a week!

"I have a feeling you will STILL be butt hurt by everything 2015."

That's not true at all. I'm sure whatever they are adding will be marvelous and exciting.

Not liking the announcement strategy and not liking what they are actually adding for 2015 are two totally different things, and it would behoove you to remember that, lest I smack you down in a court of law for slander.

Slander huh? Fairly certain that won't ever get anywhere since your actual identity is anonymous. Can't really cause any damage to your real reputation. Stated opinions also don't really count toward slander either.

It's a forum. Your opinion has been stated...Over and over. We got it. I have now stated mine. Get over yourself Questioner.

CF/CP I'm sure will not lead the speculation this far, just to disappoint and make everybody's butt hurt! I'm excited for this year as of now, because they haven't told us yet and don't forget.... This is Cedar Point we're talking about, not a Six Flags park! 2015 will be good!

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TheEternalQuestioner said:
...lest I smack you down in a court of law for slander.

You should stop talking from your ass. Slander is verbal defamation. On the Internet it's libel, where not only is no one defaming you because you're anonymous, but nothing anyone has said would meet the legal test anyway.

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The only reason people will be disappointed by what comes is becaue of how far and unrealistic speciation has gone on hear about 2015. If there wasn't a ton of crazy, outrageous, insane speculation whatever comes would be great but some of these ideas are getting peoples hoped up really high for something that could just be a flat ride.

Careful Jeff, you and I might be co defendants now!

‏@TonyClarkCP said

Working on some news releases with @BryanEdwardsCP. No, that's not a tease; just telling you what I'm doing. ⚠️ off the subject in a way, but I'm gonna be that person that asks the question..... This track was once suspected to be Carowinds' Fury325, but that was later proved to be wrong!.. Then it was said to be flyer track for the Manta clone going to Nagashima Spaland!??

Compare pics of Manta's track to all the blue track at the plant? Try to find one piece of Manta's track that can be matched to this Leviathan blue track?

I'm not saying that it's for CP, but for who? This is a pretty large collection of track and can you imagine putting the pieces together and getting Manta?

This link right here, contains pictures of a confirmed flyer coaster!

This was brought up in another thread, but people were seeming to think that it was either pre paint for Fury 325 or matching the test paint on Mantis. I disagree with that though, I think it could be for a flyer, whatever it may be, a manta clone or whatever's going to Nagashima Spaland

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Just another thought to add to all of those already brought up. Tony's recent blog post was titled Housekeeping. Yes, it could easily be just his way of saying he is answering some questions, but it could also be referring to some housing, such as the dorms that people say may be removed. Just a thought.

Old dorms being removed isn't anything surprising -- they were aiming to remove them for THIS year but never got around to it when all was said and done...

When all is said and done, despite how crazy the speculation has gotten in this forum, I think people will be surprised at how little more is actually announced...

I thought it was pretty obvious that the early announcement of Mantis' closure was a courtesy the park was affording fans of the ride to say farewell. The park understands that some fans feel burned about how they've handled the closure of coasters in the past (especially WildCat) and has made their fans a priority this time around.

Don't worry, I'm sure their real 2015 announcements will feature more spectacle. Whether or not they live up to the unrealistic expectations that some fans on here have set, I can't say.

JeffH said:
This could be really crazy, but might CP be about to announce a second park on site? A few days ago Tony did a fun tweetup about the possible layout of the new attraction. Afterwards, he tweeted this, mentioning a giant parking structure and monorail.

I'm pretty much 100% sure that was a joke. Tony knows that the people on these forums take everything he does as a sign of whats to come, including webcam positions and he also knows that monorail / parking decks has been discussed on these forums before (I made a whole goofy thread about it myself). I would lower expectations if I were you.

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By old dorms I assume we are talking about Cedars. Long past due for being torn-down and something of an eyesore. But do they reroute Perimeter Drive to hug closer to the waters edge and recapture that land? Doing so would seem logical but then who knows.

I still feel Celebration midway or plaza, or whatever you want to call it needs to be reworked and expanded. I'm not sure what they call the sheltered outdoor seating just outside the old iMax theater, but it hardly seems needed at this point. Taking that out might bolster room and seating.

Add the Cedar space to the outdoor seating, move the main stage to the west and rework the traffic flow and that area would be outstanding. You would also not need to shut two major rides down.

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