Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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Not only would a space theme tie in Magnum, but Power Tower as well. Throw in a themed Endeavor for good measure.


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I agree YouTube content varies greatly but I do not think your comments accurately depict his channel.

They 100% depict his channel.

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Settle down? Laughable to think I'm worked up over any of that. Just got a good chuckle over the YouTube degens with their degen followers. It is just funny to me to put that much stock into randos with just as much insight as any single person here. Someone made a video that included common sense and people jumped on it's common sense! Then he monetized your views. Giving you literally nothing in return except for "confirmation" about what you already believed. Congrats!

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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El Toro Ryan is one of the YouTubers I actually recommend folks to follow, along with CoasterBot, Defunctland, and Okay Coasters. He doesn’t predict or speculate just to create content, which I appreciate given most of the coaster channels on YouTube. His videos are well researched and he goes to great lengths to section off his own speculation.

Chase McCants

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And to be fair, wasn't he the first or among the first to mention Zamperla's supposed involvement?


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I believe he was

I’d say nobody quite goes to the painful… er I mean painstaking lengths he does. And I’m just kidding with that… sort of. Anytime I see a 30 minute video about anything I usually pass, unless it’s full of great video content. I mean what could be said in that amount of time that can’t be said in 10-12?
And in this case I guess that would be math problems, right? Now I’m not trying to discount the fact that many of you were eager to see those well-thought out details and clung to every figure, but I personally just glazed over. I couldn’t forward fast enough, but that’s just me.
As for Ryan’s channel I believe he does rise above many and he strives to remain very well informed and less click-baity than most. He’s well spoken and uses correct English, grammar, and pronunciation.
I find it disrespectful that a member of this group shames others over what they find useful and interesting. Yes- everything we see and hear at this point is speculation. We all know that. I can’t say that I’ve heard it all a hundred times though. I was glad to see information that we “know” reported in an interesting way and his theories about the station, the potential blocking, capacity, (and even the tedious launch tutorial) got me to think about the renovation in new ways that I found interesting and plausible.
So get outta here with that.

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Yes, there are definitely portions of his videos that are skippable, but I've learned a fair amount from his Problematic Coasters series.


Well, not saying much but we know now atleast its coming in 24!!

I am excited :)

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In before that video gets picked apart like a movie trailer. At least they've confirmed the 2024 date, though I'm not sure how many folks were still realistically thinking it was going to open this coming season.

Also, I'd say "a new formula for thrills" more or less confirms that a racing theme is sticking around.

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That video should be in a class on "How To Say Nothing And Look Like You're Saying Everything".

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That Crazy Dan:

Also, I'd say "a new formula for thrills" more or less confirms that a racing theme is sticking around.

Assuming you're referring to Formula One, it would be an odd choice to give the ride a new, but still racing-associated theme. I don't understand why they wouldn't simply keep the dragster car theme, which fits better compared to F1 racing, or go with something else entirely.


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Now there is a YouTube source with credentials.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

Hmmm... if it is Formula 1 themed, does that mean we get multiple laps... instead of one straight shot down the dragstrip? (I'm assuming no, but that would be a fun change!)

Question about the "Formula" thing...does Formula Rossa use the same launch TTD did? Is that still the fastest coaster in the world?

I was one of the idiots still holding out hope for a 2023 opening. I'm sure it'll make a great 19th coaster in 2024. Can't wait to see what they open before Wild Mouse at #18 (sarcasm)

New webpage is up for "2024 Coaster" with a little description.

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Very faintly at the end of the video is Republica’s “Ready to Go”, so it seems the station music sticks around.

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