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All words that can be interpreted from a certain point of view if it fits your idea of what you want/think is happening.

And as long as it's getting people talking, CP's marketing team is doing their job.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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You just changed the subject. Your original claim wasn't that he stole a video. It was that you can throw 100 darts at the wall and one would be a bullseye. Jeff, why do you pivot so much? Cant you just argue in good faith?

Eltororyan stole your video? Where is the proof? What was the video? What do you mean? That's a major claim that would need major evidence.

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Exactly. Jeff only argues behind a keyboard and pivots when it suits him so. God forbid someone else had an idea - he will claim it was stolen from him. Look at anything he says - nothing ever positive - just argumentative mockery from a sad enthusiast. Let people say what they want without your bull.

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^^^ 100% agree, Adam. And speculation is fun; just thought I would offer the Debbie Downer (read: simpler) perspective.

One thing I am hopeful about due it being a 2-year wait is a new paint job.

Just happy to see you out of your coffin. I remember the good ol' days when we were talking about your TTD bedroom, but that's...well...another post for another day.

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The video mentioned grey test paint on the supports, the pic on the new webpage is entirely grayscale, coincidence?

I was thinking the same thing. I’d love a more muted new color scheme.

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One thing I am hopeful about due it being a 2-year wait is a new paint job.

I would love new paint. Its hard for me to picture what other color scheme would look good. Ive never been a big yellow fan.

The Crystal Method is the only way to find The Winner!

Test grey paint on the supports? Red track with grey supports perhaps? Now, where have I seen a ride with that color scheme before?

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😂 who are we kidding? The track will almost assuredly be either red or blue…

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Yeah? See if you can find the video where he stole my video, had to pay me for it, then removed it from the offending video. You don't know what you're talking about.

Wouldnt his use of your video fall under fair use? What you described is WAY too vague to tell.
Also, this is pivoting. The point you made was him throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks (which, by the way, El Toro Ryan does not do), not if he used your video as B Roll.

argues just for clicks

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TTD 120mph:

What I miss?

Some trolls showed up a while back, and restaurants are extremely divisive. But at least the smoking areas are gone. Alas, Winter Chill Out is coming up. And we all know that doesn't get anyone upset.... ..... ..... :D Welcome back buddy.

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What? Trolls and upset members?! On THIS platform?!

I remember the good ol' days when we were talking about your TTD bedroom

Those were good days? o_O

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

All I know is allt of people in this thread were dead set on this being 2023 with virtually no changes to the ride other than LSMs and a trains. Many people reinforced their contention of layout and theming changes with the belief its a 2023 release.

Now that its 2024, with more marketing superlatives... I really do hope they hit us with some layout changes to rub some salt in the debby downers wounds.

Im mostly joking, but really, still crossing my fingers for an element or two to be added and more demolition... And definitely a space theme!

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Currently, the station platforms are gone, all the track except the top hat is gone, and the queue is gone.

If you're in the camp of "they're just slapping an LSM launch system and some new paint on it," I think you're totally off base at this point.

I'm still sticking to my guns of the queue moving outside of the infield (maybe even moving the station), layout changing/expanding, an LSM conversion, and of course a rebranding.

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In what way is that line of thinking "offbase"? Only 2 things can be confidently assumed. An LSM launch and new branding. Currently, all of the supports for the launch and brake run are standing. It's within reason to assume that that much of the layout is, at least, remaining the same. The likely explanation for why they removed the load/unload platforms is due to a different train style as well as a change in how the ride operates. New trains likely equal new clearance and elevation requirements.

The marketing argument being made is taking Cedar Point a bit too seriously. By all accounts, to 99.9% of park goers, this WILL be a new coaster. Only enthusiasts are arguing the semantics of what Cedar Point is saying. They aren't tooling their marketing strategy to appease us, they're marketing this to everyone.

I would love to be wrong in the end but I'm currently not seeing the evidence to support the idea of an extended layout. And until new footings start popping up, any talk of additions is just wishful thinking/speculation.

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-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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Nothing has fundamentally changed from a couple months back, so anyone expecting a layout change is, once again, grasping desperately at straws based on assigning unearned value to words chosen by the marketing team. If I were on the team, I'd toss in other completely meaningless words like "farm fresh" and "artisanal" just to watch these people do insane mental gymnastics trying to figure out "what they're trying to tell us."

As for new paint, has anyone seen pictures or anything that clearly shows different shades of grey being tested on the supports? Because in the video, he used a distant shot that, to me, didn't show anything at all.


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TTD 120mph:

::opens coffin::

What I miss?

I thought you weren’t coming back until 2024? 😂

Who knows. Let's enjoy the ride. Guess what makes me wonder is if it were just a launch change then why rip out the brake run, station turnaround, etc. Unless of course the trains are changing which would make sense then. But to even rip out the entire que lines/gates in the station makes me wonder and think maybe there is more going on than meets the eye, plus the fact it will not be done until 2024. Yes no new footers yet leads one to believe that a layout change is far fetched but pouring concrete in the dead of winter is not ideal either. Spring/Fall is the best time to pour concrete with better temps and some rain which helps cure the concrete.

No one is grasping for straws, just expressing their opinion just like yourself expressing your opinion that there will be no layout change.

Who knows. The suspense is killing me!!

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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If I were on the team, I'd toss in other completely meaningless words like "farm fresh" and "artisanal"

Tractor Pull theme confirmed!

Oh, and also a new restaurant.

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Bernie Bernie:

...if it were just a launch change then why...

Everything you listed has at least one reasonable explanation that has nothing to do with adding to the layout (new controls, new trains, new launch, relocated queue, etc., etc....). This is why those who insist on additions to the layout are grasping at straws, since rather than accept the completely rational explanations for the goings-on, they posit that there must be some grander explanation.

All that said, I'm still "enjoying the ride," as I find the process of "only" converting the launch/controls and getting new trains pretty interesting in itself.


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The most exciting and fascinating aspect of this, to me, is Zamperla's involvement. While not 100% confirmed, even though all signs point to it being the case, I find what they're attempting to accomplish, fascinating.

These new Lightning trains look nice and sleek but they remind me of the newer Intamin trains. And Velocicoaster, while amazing, has a weird shake/vibration to it. But that could be due to something else entirely.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

Closed topic.

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