Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

By the way... To check the scale and see if what I was proposing was really that far fetched...

(A compact layout akin to Hershey Parks Fahrenheit.. with a mid course launch up and over the Tophat for a finale)

You can nearly fit Gatekeepers entire layout, outside of the stattion inside Dragsters infield. I think we lose track of just how large that plot of land is.

They can DEFINITELY do a compact layout, going into a mid course launch (like Maverick) up and over the tophat and fit it in that space.

Preferably (IMO) going counterclockwise.. do the spiral going UP the tower.

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They could also DEFINITELY build a trebuchet large enough to launch watermelons into low earth orbit.


You can nearly fit Gatekeepers entire layout, outside of the stattion inside Dragsters infield. I think we lose track of just how large that plot of land is.

I don't think this is remotely true

It's pretty close, I copied a crop out at same scale and put it right over the Dragster footprint. I outlined them for you guys.

Only point Im trying to make really is that I think some people underestimate the scale of the space we are talking about here.

The Dragster footprint is actually MASSIVE.

Theres alot of things they can do.

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But they won’t. Betcha a dollar.

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Im in the camp that thinks there will be some changes coming to the layout, however, I do not think we will see a whole new coaster added after the top hat.

I could also be wrong about my prediction. This could be as simple as putting LSMs on and a repaint. I would temper expectations. They are not going to add a Velocicoaster layout to TTD.

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I think some people underestimate the scale of the space

Yes, it's a large area, but the shape of the area adds a lot of constraints on what can be done. Sure, fitting most of GK in TTD's footprint wouldn't be terribly difficult. But try fitting something like MF's island turnaround in there.


You could probably do a lot more with the layout with the amount of space that is there especially if you added a bunch of stuff before the top hat and ended with the top hat. That way you wouldn't need the bigger foot print elements for the higher speeds. As much as I would like that to happen I don't think they are interested in investing that amount of resources in something like that unless it's already factored into the 2024 capital improvement budget.

Maybe they kept Son of Beast's loop in storage somewhere, and they finally have a place to use it. You never know.......

I am, of course, kidding (or am I?)

You know that loop on Son of Beast was the only part of that coaster that actually worked, right?

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And my favorite part of SON was the loop. Post neutering, It was never the same.

I’m loving all the speculation and excited to see more site developments. To those wishing for more tack post top hat, do you feel that speed will be trimmed off (like Formula Rossa) or it’ll run full speed (like Xcelerator)?

Man, I wish I could find the drawing of TTD-as-a-giant-Xcelerator that was posted repeatedly a little over (ugh) 20 years ago both before the official announcement and well after the announcement when peeps were still in serious denial about it being L-TH-B.

Though 20 years and with image hosting websites being what they are, even with the Wayback Machine it's almost certainly lost to time. Would be fun to see how that mockup design compares to what folks are proposing now for Dragster XL or TCFKATTD or whatever we're calling it.

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Ask and you shall receive. Just one google search away.

IDK if this is real or not. In my opinion it looks fan made to me. This has made the rounds as "concept art."

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Huh. Apparently I just wasn't searching for the right buzzwords. Thanks!

The track's got more of a moebius knot illusion than I remember, but it's almost kind of funny how that drawing sort of unintentionally predicted the trend for declined brake runs, which I don't think any manufacturer was doing in 2002.

@Cedar Pointer that is an awesome find!

I was thinking something very similar to that only starting before the tophat instead of after, that way it has more speed going into the LSM launch allowing it to clear easily... And the mockup I made in that coaster program bent that in on itself a little bit keeping it condensed.

To be honest in relative terms, an addition like thay couldn't be that expensive. No more than the normal going rate for a new coaster. The most expensive part is built already.

Cedar Pointer said: "IDK if this is real or not. In my opinion it looks fan made to me. This has made the rounds as "concept art.""

That pic goes back to 2002 when the tower was under construction and people were guessing the ride layout. The modified date of the same file that I stashed on my computer back then was 10/4/2002. My oh my, where did last 20 years go?

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Seriously. I could've sworn I had saved that drawing once upon a time too, but the oldest files that have survived this long across a half dozen or so computers are from 2004, so alas.

It's still kind of amusing to go back through the archives and see the sheer volume of complaining long before the ride ever actually opened. I feel like you'd still be hard-pressed to find a CP ride addition that had that kind of a reaction.

Does Cedar Fair just own the ride or do they also own access to the IP of the track? I'm not a business person but if they are not working with Intamin do they have the legal right to have another company copy the track design and create new track? I would think that the design of the track is owned by Intamin and thus cannot be replicated by another firm.

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You're not a business man, but Dick Swingin' Kinzel sure was. He would have never signed a contract that didn't allow him to modify his own $25 million dollar roller coaster.

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I’m terrible at this which is why I never respond or reply… I wanted to reply to the person who posted my drawing. I originally drew that while at College in Southern California. Apparently I wasn’t feeling the current curriculum so I brought some colored pencils with me and just started creating the picture. It was so exciting because at that time no one knew anything about the unknown project that would become TTD. I remember seeing the tower being constructed and becoming taller and taller. There was so much speculation about how tall each section was but no one had any real way of verifying any of it. Not from the shores of Sandusky, and certainly not where I was at in Southern California. I remember using an MP3 file to upload it to a roller coaster fan page but I can’t remember which one. I purposely captioned the picture with something along the lines of “oh my god this is Cedar Points new coaster or “it has leaked”. Something to shake everything up…I went to work for five hours and by the time I came home the drawing had done exactly that. It spread like wild fire to any and all coaster enthusiasts websites and blogs. I was so proud of my artwork and my imagination but it was definitely devious. I remember how convinced so many people were. The exception were a few who asked why it was an mp3 file ?! I am not nor have I ever been very skilled with computers so that was the easiest way to do it with my prehistoric computer. I didn’t care how I was going to get it to the Internet, I just knew I wanted to get it there and I am so glad that I did. I will never forget so many really incredible compliments. In fact it was only a few people that said “stop humoring this guy” “this is never going to happen” “this is not the coaster they’re building”. Very true… but why not get people even more hyped? Now here we are almost 20 years later and I’m thrilled to be seeing speculation all over again. This time if I come up with another cool concept I’ll just post it instead of pretending that it was a leak. No hard feelings but I sure had a good time and I hope that some of you did as well.

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