Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

I have to admin that is a take I have not seen before

I would guess that the straight track is still in pretty good condition overall.

As a rule of thumb, the relative amount of wear on a highway by vehicle weight is (weight_1 / weight_2) ^ 4. The highest g-force on the ride is in the transition to / from vertical. I think its about 4 gs, so I'll use that in my estimate. Assuming the estimate for the wear of a roller coaster train on steel track is similar to cars and trucks on the highway, we get (4 / 1) ^ 4 = 256. Thus, the train will put 256 times the wear on the high g-force section than the straight section for each train launch.

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Mr. Og, when I read your post I had not so fond memories of my high school math teacher saying "Jim, please go to the chalkboard and complete the equation." Now I have a headache!

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I don't know what the expected service life of these rides are, but we saw Universal replace a B&M after two decades of year-round use. Anyone who has been on Kumba probably thinks it's overdue for replacement. So with that in mind, 18 seasons (less given the downtime) is a lot of use. If they're reusing track, I imagine there's a fair amount of non-destructive testing that will go along with it. I also theorized before that you would need to add some diagonal bracing in the box if you're doing LSM's.

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Im no expert but...

-The majority of the coaters track has been removed. Its way longer on the ground than it is in the sky. Thats ALOT of track.

-Maybe they do, but it doesnt make sense for coaster companies to ship track overseas. Trains? Sure. But track? Im pretty sure companies like intamin contract trusted fabricators in the country theyre building. Shipping 1800ft of stainless steel track is way more than just a handful of shipping containers. If the track is in fact going over seas, imo its either for sale, for testing, or some other one off reason and likely wont be seen again.

-The fact that the "Christmas Tree" lights remain doesnt mean the theme is staying. They tore out all the Dragster signage and gutted the station completely. It could come down later or "re-imagined" for another theme.

-I just realized. Cedar Point used the same word their sister park out West did in regards to "re-imagining" Montezoomas revenge. Montezoomas revenge is getting both a randomized LSM launch that can go either way, and some kayout changes in addition to a new name and theming.

Can we look to that as a clue?

Im not going to lie.. Ive been romanticizing the idea of reversing the direction of the train and going uo the spiral instead... That would lend itself well to a new space theme.

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Stainless steel?


With such a large crane still on site, what's it's next use?

Reports from the park this weekend were that the crane is no longer on site.

With the 2nd era of the coaster wars coming...

A second era of the coaster wars is news to me. If true, I sure as hell hope CP does not participate. we think Cedar Point will tame an attraction like TTD by removing what made it famous (Hydraulic Launch) with a lesser LSM Launch?

If by "lesser" you mean more efficient and reliable, then yes.


Randomized TTD launch as in sometimes it makes it to the top, sometimes it doesn't. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


I believe that it has been sold, and we're seeing the first parts of it being shipped out.

I am assuming you mean to another park, since being sold for scrap would not require the careful disassembly we've seen. That assumption makes me wonder what the market would be for an almost 20 year old, traditionally unreliable coaster with a huge liability factor without an additional upgrade investment? I can't imagine any buyers jumping at that opportunity.


Wonder if the huge hydraulic motor & tanks are still in the launch building. Removing them would be an easy change to hide. Was the motor itself part of the reliability issues? Assuming they're not selling the entire ride whole, is it versatile enough to be repurposed?

The hydraulic launch system tends to be temperature sensitive, which they found out after a few weeks. They had to severely increase the amount of cooling in the motor room, as it tended to go down by early afternoon on hot days. There was no where near the problem with the launch system at Knotts, but then it usually doesn't get that hot that often in Buena Park.

I would think the motor itself is a pretty custom built thing for this application though the parts and lines would probably be somewhat interchangeable with other uses if they wanted to go that route

I couldn't agree more, DJ. Not only do I wish no part of a potential 2nd coaster wars era, but I too believe it's not in the best interest of the Park, or Company to be involved in a gimmicky trend. I only mention a 2nd era because of the amount of noise in the Industry right now. I guess I just feel personally that they (Cedar Fair) will not reuse any of what is being shipped out. Recently Cedar Fair has shown no mercy in removing and cutting tie with their prized Intamin attractions. After 19 years of service, I would prefer see the park move on from the 420' structure all together, use this opportunity for Park or Resort expansion? But, I also like the idea of a more reliable LSM Launch as well?

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The “coaster wars” might be over, but most parks still love (CP included as of 2018) to advertise with the same record breaking catch phrases.

I disagree. Coaster wars were not a gimmick it made Cedar Point the leader in the amusement park world. Everyone was chasing Cedar Point to be the best and have the best. I do agree however they need more resorts and good food but don’t lose site of your roots. But there is also something to be said about good old junk fair style food when going to an amusement park. I don’t go for a gourmet meal I go for the thrills and food that’s terrible for you.

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Us? Who decided they were the world leader, and even if they were, how did this affect Magic Mountain?

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I guess my words can be phrased better. The Park will always have their roots and role in the coaster game, i just want to stress that it doesn't have to be the reuse of the existing 420' structure. Without changing or extending the layout of the ride after the top-hat, replacing the Hydraulic Launch with a more tame and reliable LSM Launch is simply an operational improvement, but a significant downgrade in thrill from the previous experience. Is this conversion that simple, and how much more of an investment would be required? I would rather see what the future would held if they were to remove it, personally. I've ridden Red Force. Cedar Point guests looking for anything close to what they remembered from Top Thrill Dragster will be greatly disappointed.

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I might be in the minority but I love the potential change of keeping the ride and moving it to a LSM launch vs. tearing it down. Dragster in its old format was not sustainable, something had to happen eventually. Unfortunately, it took a tragic accident to move the needle (assuming plans weren't already in the works).

I am hoping to see this drastically increase reliability more than anything. I always watched the ride like a hawk in line just waiting for it to break down.

My personal bias is nostalgia as I get older. I remember vividly the 2003 season and the amount of hype of just trying to get a ride. My nostalgia is now experiencing Cedar Point's rides with my younger family members and seeing their first reactions. I hope to see that reaction again on the new Dragster.

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Enthusiasts wildly overestimate how much the typical guest pays attention to tiny details, and the launch technology and rate of acceleration are tiny details. Coaster go fast, coaster go high, and that won't change.


I very much look forward to the redo. Of course it will never be the same as the original. That doesn’t suggest that the reimagined ride will be anything less than fun and exciting.

Red Force is Red Force. This is likely going to become something completely unique and different.

If magnets can launch aircraft from aircraft carriers perhaps they can also launch a coaster train to 100+mph in short time/distance. this might become the quickest LSM launch on a roller coaster ever. … or a 400’ lawn ornament.

just read that the track may be shipped to Genoa Italy. Where in Europe will it go? Liechtenstein? And if so, for what? Hmmmm

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Absolutely, whatever is coming of this will be a sensational welcome no matter what!! It's all very exciting, we haven't had much to chew on these past few years other than sadness. Very relieved to see the Industry rebound after the pandemic.

Genoa, Italy? Interesting

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