Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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Let me track this.

The statement was made that it seems logical the the theming would be removed due to the language used by the park.

You said that statement didn’t seem to have rational due to the fact that the park has been removing track and no theming. Occam’s razor. The most simple explanation is more often then not the right explanation.

I explained they that might or might not be the case. Using a metaphor my self I’m not literally sitting in the dark just incase you were wondering.

You used a metaphor back

i pointed out the flaw in your thought process. Both metaphorically and physically. the track was sitting in the sun and had not been removed yet. The simples answer at that time would have been that the track wouldn’t be removed.

you post the definition of metaphor. Is this supposed to be a dunk? I’m not Drax. Must be easy never posting in the affirmative.

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You are vastly overestimating my investment in this topic.

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Lame. Don’t start the argument then.

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Oof. For real.

Just, oof.

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Jeff said:


I have nothing to add to this topic other than apparently it take less than 10 years for an Ohioian to move to Florida to habitually use that word…

Carry on! (My wayward son)

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I use y'all more than occasionally and I live north of Ohio!

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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Meh, I realized it was stupid to say "you guys" when in fact half the room is women, especially when I'm the boss of said folks.

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I wonder? Is Ing-. Büro Stengel Gmb still a thing? Were they commissioned to redo their original “strata”?

Either way, I commend Cedar Fair for saving two Stengel/Schwarzkopf icons from the scrap heap.

Speaking of resurrecting old rides, and getting a bit off-topic, is there any sort of consensus about whether the layout of the CP Cyclone would make for a decent ride by modern standards if you built a 1:1 recreation of it?

I know POV vids can be notoriously nonindicative, and you pretty much have peoples' NoLimits interpretations to go off, but just curious what other folks thought since rebuilding the Cyclone is another suggestion that makes the rounds every few years.

I think it was a Prior&Church? With their awesome trains. In that regard GCI would be the perfect match for the remake. That said, the pictures of the old Cyclone that I recall viewing never inspired me to think “great layout”. Could have been a blast though.

It was a Harry Traver ride

Wow. The man the myth the legend!

Not sure if it's recent, or I just missed someone mentioning it. Most of the queue rails and gates inside the station are gone. Doesn't seem like they're just going to just drop lsm compatible track into the existing station. Wonder if the whole platform is going. I kinda liked the design, but who's to say I won't like whatever replaces it better.

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Not to get too far off topic here, but while waiting in the station for Gemini yesterday, the op doing the spiel mentioned to make sure you ride Corkscrew as the ride would soon be retired. I would take it with a huge grain of salt, he may have been joking, but he did say it. If there was any truth to this, I would assume to the park would give us a heads up before so people could get their last rides in.

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Probably a leftover joke about Corkscrew having valleyed and the internets freaking out about it.

Promoter of fog.

It has been a more chilly autumn this season dipping below freezing this past weekend. Which, may have factored into corkscrew’s failure to complete its circuit. I wish ya’ll would stop riding it though so that it does get retired.

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Baynum Solutions posted a video to their Facebook page today that shows them painting coaster track that looks like Intamin box track, very similar in looks to the dragster track that has been removed. Someone asked them if it was dragster track to which they obviously replied that they couldn't disclose that info. They are painting this particular track piece red.

As of last night (Sunday 10/9) all of Dragster's track, including around & inside the station, has been removed except the top hat. The supports leading away from the top hat are still there. Also the middle queue lines have been removed. This was all easily visible from riding on Iron Dragon.

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I'm assuming by 'top hat' you mean all of the vertical tower pieces not just the top of the tower

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