Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

Yeah I saw some photos last night on Twitter that looked like nearly every piec of track that wasnt attached to the tower is gone. Pretty wild.

RMC is doing hype videos.. its getting the speculation pot churning.. the whole RMC giga rumor being a TTD re-imagining.

Alot of youtube channels and people on Twitter believe the 500ft reverse spike swing conversion is 100% legit.. but to me that just doesnt make sense.

The whole swing launch rear spike idea would be a capacity nightmare.. with only 1 car on the circuit swinging back an forth through multiple launches it would take forever to churn through people.

Thats why IMO.. I think my idea of a new compact thrill layout ending in a launch over the tophat makes way more sense and is still a possibility.. block zones can be added and capacity can be increased immensely.

If CP invests 20M in a mid/compact layout in dragsters current infield/footprint ending with an end course LSM launch up the tower it could really work. I did a mock up in UC2.. I switches the the inline twist to the upside of the tower too.. made more sense for a "space/rocket" themed ride..

I did it in 30 mins as just a general visual for what im saying

One would think that to add onto the existing layout, deep holes would be dug and reinforced concrete footers installed. That hasn’t (yet) occurred.

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I want to echo how impressed I am with Dave’s knowledge on the tech aspects of TTD. Very cool to learn.

Seeing the supports intact makes me believe Jeff’s theory more. I don’t think Reprofiling is out of the question. Steel coasters have been seen changes to layouts before on less involved overhauls.

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However, I was always most impressed with that insanely quick 0-110+MPH launch! No production car in the world could match its acceleration. Would be twice that of a Tesla Model S Plaid.

Actually, the Plaid is slightly quicker at 0-120 in 3.84s. But yes, the acceleration was ridiculous and definitely made the short ride worth it.

Umm. No, it doesn’t. it runs 9s I think in the 1/4 mile. somewhere around 120mph

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It's 60-120 in 3.84s, but about 2s for 0-60, and at least in this measurement, 0-120 in 5.5s. This one puts it at 6s. Not as fast as Dragster, but still one of the fastest production cars made.

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A Tesla model S Plaid is much faster than Top Thrill Dragster at 216 MPH.
Quicker? Dragster is.. was.. king.

speaking of changes to existing steel structures of roller coasters. When Phantom’s Revenge debuted, all the new track and supports were from Morgan. Then a few years later (2008?) more track was replaced. The original drop through to the Morgan track (half way down the second drop) was re-profiled and replaced. NOT by Morgan nor per any roller coaster / amusement ride manufacturer. while this change made for a smoother ride with a little less “Arrow” intensity, I question the replacement (are they) collars? (The metal piece between track spine and support structure) definitely, umm custom fabrication. Very unlike any coaster manufacturer and quite chintzy. Here were are 14 years later.

short of it: this reimagining = endless possibilities

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August, I'm not saying they are adding a bunch of elements that need footers, but I think you're assuming this "change" will be done by 2023. If this is a bigger change, I can see this project extending opening into the 2024 season. Plenty of time for footers, etc.

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This ain't no Kennywood hillside-assisted hunk of junk. Chintzy ain't going to cut it for Cedar Point.

I never said 2023 lol! I doubt it will be, actually. And don’t actually care. It’ll open when it opens.

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The way you said they would have footers in and they haven't yet done that sounded like if it hasn't happened already, it wasn't going to. But ok.

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That’s fair. I suppose that’s because I don’t imagine they’ll be adding any significant changes to ride length. But it’s possible. Just hast (yet) occurred.

Question is then, when RMC did their re-imagining of Mean Streak..

When did they pour footers? Before or after they dismantled some MS track?

Im assuming after.

To the extent that they had to pour any (and I'm not sure they did) I would assume they did it after when they'd have more access to the area

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Comparing this week's pictures to last week's and the weeks prior, it appears that on the launch side they removed ~8+ sections of track in W39, then only 2 sections of track this week, W40. They seem to also have removed fewer sections on the brake side this week compared to last.

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Does it appear that all the transfer/storage track is also gone?

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Yes, that was removed prior to this week, maybe even earlier, I don't recall.


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Did anybody notice that CP also cleared a large area over by the marina? Just across the midway, right in the bend of perimeter road? What are they building here? I think there used to be pavilions for the marina transient docks, but now it looks like a flattened construction site. If any spikes or longer TTD track was built, that would be the place, as it's only 5-600 feet across the midway there.

If they are doing any work on the top hat (which at the very least I think we can expect a repaint) I would bet it doesnt start until end of operations for the year. They are going to need an absolutely massive crane and I think they don’t want it to disrupt any normal guest areas.

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