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On a side note I wonder where Wicked Twister was powered from, doubtful that would be enough capacity for an LSM on the scale of TTD but they might need multiple feeds for something like this anyway.

I think that is a good point to consider... if I remember correctly, Wicked Twister had a dedicated 34k Volt power line from the mainland. With the demolition of WT, that line could be extended to TTD. Not sure if that would be sufficient to power a reimagined LSM Dragster (or whatever it will be called now) but it would be a start.

WT did in fact have a dedicated line from the mainland. Was working on a project there (IMAX theater conversion) the same time WT went in. They ran that dedicated line on the other side of Sandusky Bay if my memory serves me right. Remember hearing about it during project meetings.

In the area of not-going to happen, why am I posting this, wild speculation....Since CP doesn't have a go-kart track anymore, perhaps they'll turn the TTD land into a track, (modified cars of course) or reimagine it into a Live-E show.

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They are going to put in LSM fins all the way up the tower not for acceleration, just to keep the newly designed Gondola Trains moving to have the new slowest Observation ride. That's all i got to say about that...

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My wild speculation is they reverse the direction

First ride; Magnum 1994

I’m still a believer that the reason the lights were turned on in early August was to illuminate the area for the work that was being completed not as a hint.

As we’ve seen with mantis, mean streak, and just about every other ride that has been removed or revamped, the park makes the announcement at the last possible second before the really noticeable work begins. Mantis was already being painted, but they tried to hide it by painting the non Midway sections. Mean streak had markings on the wood, but the cranes showed up right after the funeral.

Cedar Point is a company with a budget. They aren’t going to extend the ride into corkscrews land or over the island, that’s going to be ridiculously expensive. The cost to convert the launch to LSM, update all the electrical, brake run, purchase 5 or 6 new trains, reroute the queue, redo the interior of the station for the trains, and potential repaint/rebrand is going to be expensive enough. Cedar Point has to make a profit first, adding 37 feet to a top hat is insanely expensive for some bragging rights. Just the cost of the cranes required makes this unfeasible. (Hence the reason I don’t see anything happening 420 feet in the air) I don’t think the rides layout will change, maybe a bunny hill to slow the train as it reaches brakes, but I still think plug and play is what’s coming. Remove the old brake/launch track, replace with new LSM track.

I’m willing to bet that once the park re-opens this weekend, there will be a visible construction site - which will provide more clues. If there is track missing along the launch, we know LSM is coming. If the entrance sign is gone, we know a new name is likely. We might even see some test paint on a support like we did on mantis.

As a veteran Rollercoaster Tycoon/Planet Coaster architect, allow me to

Still not sold on the LSM idea. Could they not just be installing a new (and improved) cable launch and brake system with brand new trains that would alleviate the need for those mounted brackets? That and along with a new theme, color scheme, name, and queue layout.

All of the possibilities are endless. It all comes down to what Cedar Point finds valuable regarding the fate of the ride as well as the most recent incident. Also, apparently Intamin has retired the hydraulic launch concept altogether. I’m hopeful that the ride will eventually be back open, but rebranded.

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I mean I think they could, but to me, that would negate the idea that the ride "As we know it" is changing. If they were simply flipping to a new launch and breaks then I don't think they would say the ride is retiring right?

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The hydraulic launch of Top Thrill has always been my favorite part of the ride, moreso than the freefall. I have no idea if CP will actually do this. But if it is true that an LSM launch would essentially change the way the ride accelerates to top speed, then it certainly would be a different ride to me. As I know it, anyway, and perhaps not for the better.

I wonder, as technology advances, would it be possible to recapture electrons during magnetic braking to be stored in a battery bank to assist with launches? Therefore using less electricity from the grid than without regeneration.

That's been done for decades, it's called regenerative braking, it's used in the railroad and transit industry. Instead of charging batteries what has been done in the case of straight electric propulsion, the power is fed back into the system. Diesel electric the power is fed into resistor banks and turned into heat. Not a big deal to charge a bank of capacitors with the output.

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I'll just say this about TTD. I greatly enjoyed it, and am thankful for the times I could enjoy it. I would estimate that I rode it perhaps 150-200 times or so in my years as a Pass-holder. Just a rough estimate as I am not that dude with a clicker counter or note-pad to track rides. I did not ride it every visit to CP as many times the line was just so very, very long. I would often check the line status when on Power Tower.

The ride was a good experience, but in all those rides on it there is one aspect of it I never experienced: a roll-back.

If they wanted to keep the drag racing theme, what'd be ideal would be a partnership with the NHRA and John Force Racing, especially in the offhand chance that B&M is somehow involved in the refurbishment or rebuild of the ride.

I mean, it'd be one way to preemptively avoid the inevitable complaints about a new B&M being forceless.

Why are so many concerned with the cost of this conversion? When we were discussing the RMC transition of Mean Streak did we ever once think the ride would be shorter and slower?

Cedar Point needs another marketable attraction that draws people from around the world. I think the LSM is almost a certainty at this point- the hydraulic launch was always problematic, and there’s no doubt the 20 year old trains that had a piece fly off of them are done.

The Dragster name is most likely also gone.

Velocicoaster is the industry favorite right now. A layout like the Velocicoaster following the tower would be the greatest coaster ever built and with all of the markings around the area, Scrambler and Matterhorn moving- there is tremendous evidence this is possible.

New trains with lighting/sound package, an LSM launch, new layout following the drop, a new theme, and new name.

That’s your 2024 attraction.

Before anyone starts poking holes in my theory- if we don’t get a new layout following the tower, you really can’t justify the investment. I will believe a new layout is coming (until an official announcement is made) bc it’s the only way to truly market the ride as something else and actually justifies the investment in new trains and new launch.

New Trains, new launch- that’s just TTD with a new name.

New Trains, new launch, new layout- that’s an entirely different thing altogether that sounds like the Cedar Point I know that is continuing its “legacy of ride innovation… creating a new and reimagined ride experience.”

People had a generally positive view of what RMC was doing at the time. Intamin and CPs relationship right now isn't as good, and we don't know if they'll even be involved.

Plus the whole thing seems reactionary. Are they building the new marketable attraction, or fixing a problem. There are different levels of investment, and until they make a less vague announcement we really don't know. I think either optimism or pessimism could be valid at this point.

Well, whatever happens, I just hope they are still lapbars and not OTSRs.


If you add LSMs, that automatically implies you need new trains

I disagree. Dragster's trains have permanent magnets installed under them, similar to Maverick. It is theoretically possible to use LSMs to launch a Dragster train, although there could easily be any one of a million reasons why it isn't practical to use the old trains.

It would seem to me that the most cost effective way to make an LSM conversion, would be to keep the existing trains, and replace the retractable break fins with LSMs. Perhaps the same mounting structure could be used. Most Intamin launch coasters use a single line of motors (Red Force, Maverick, Velocicoaster, Hagrids, ...). If they use Dragster's existing setup, could two sets of motors instead of one help get it up to speed?

The trains are the very thing that failed. The trains are gone. No way those same trains return.

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