Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

I’m curious if Zamperla has factored in what would happen if there’s temp/atmospheric changes that would prevent the train from clearing the top hat on the third launch. Will it hit another backward launch up the spike and another forward launch? And if so, will the backward launch be slowed back down to 101? Don’t want it picking up even more speed or else we’ll be seeing a new type of freak accident… “Top Trill 2 Train Flys Off Spike and Into Lagoon”

Editing to add my own solution to the problem. I wonder why the industry hasn’t thought to add lsm stators to the top hats of all these rides that kick in under certain slow speeds to boost the train past the crest and prevent a roll back from ever happening.

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Outside of this place that Cedar Point can do no wrong, yeah it’s a disappointment.

Cue a Theme Park Predictions video 🙄

Where is this disappointment you speak of, Briella? Top Thrill Dragster is reopening (albeit in a different form), the problematic hydraulic launch is gone, and we get a record-breaking swing launch (and thus guaranteed rollbacks!) in its place.

I see absolutely no reason to be disappointed in any of this news.

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I’m curious if Zamperla has factored in what would happen if there’s temp/atmospheric changes that would prevent the train from clearing the top hat on the third launch…

Ooh interesting… wouldn’t it be awesome if you just got one more try to get up and over? Something tells me that the ride would probably stop the train though. Well if all these stats are correct, what an awesome ride! Wish they’d have bumped up the train count to 4 with a dual load, but I’m sure part of the remodel was aimed at decreasing the staff required to run the ride.

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It’s sad that we live in an age where we have to design rides with decreased capacity because people don’t want to work

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^Please let this be sarcasm.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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This sounds really exciting, if true. I am happy with the ride staying in some form, and now I get a guaranteed rollback? SIGN ME UP.

I am very intrigued by the new lightning trains. I can’t wait to seem them in more detail and in person.

If you are disappointed do us a favor and don't ride it.

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Red Herring? Top Thrill 2 cannot be the name, right? Meh...either way, it will be a fun ride. But just like the previous iteration, not one I will have to ride every visit. Personally, I would've been happy with a complete teardown and utilized that real estate for a newer, better experience. I understand that many like/love TTD so I get it will no doubt be very popular. It just has the same appeal to me as the original ride. A short experience in which the novelty wears off quickly. There are many more deserving experiences in the park for my time and money. I'm not bashing nor disappointed. Just my 2 cents.

Edited to add:

I wonder how far the rollback will be? Halfway up the top hat? I've had rollbacks and they were all basically from the top of the ride...just not quite enough to get over the top. Will it rollback from 200 feet? 300 feet? Those would be markedly different rollbacks from those who have experienced them in the past.

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

If my math serves me right, it should about 225-230 feet

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With love, from Norway.

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First, I think it's super important to remember there has been nothing official from the Park.

Second, why all the hate and negativity just because some people said they are disappointed. Are they not allowed to have their own opinions and expectations? If the ride doesn't appeal to them , why are some people crucifying them because it's not their taste or style?

Third, I'm digging the everyone gets a rollback feature -- that's super cool.

Fourth, going backwards at 1OO MPH is wild.

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Assuming this is legit (which looks like it probably is) I'm glad that it looks like there will be a fast switch track. I hope this means the switch track that is on hagrids. With that the dispatch times should be better.

Looking forward to Tuesday to see concept art and hear more!

argues just for clicks

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SRE, LSMs are precisely controlled devices not just random magnetic launch component that accelerate trains themselves to faster and faster speeds as you go by them...

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I know the train won't max it out, but being close to 200' up looking straight down on Wicked Twister was one of the most intense moments I can recall on a roller coaster.

This is the feature I've been thinking about since this idea about a spike came up. Even from the front seat of WT, it always seemed like you were higher than you were; not sure if it was because of the odd sensation of being pushed backwards into the spike or not, but this sounds fun.

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In the last 3 pages we’ve experienced some very important milestones in this thread!

  1. leaked info being posted
  2. someone immediately declaring they’re disappointed
  3. someone saying “if you’re disappointed then stay out of line!”
  4. someone complaining about the negativity even though the majority of the comments are actually positive

Congrats, folks!

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Some people created the most insane expectations in their head from the extended period of speculation. See ya @ stalled at 400 ft dropping straight down ✌️

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Im going to take the next couple of days off from park related social media and try to be surprised as much as possible with the announcement. See y’all in a few days

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400 feet??? It’ll only be at about a disappointing 370 feet, and only if you’re at the back of the train.

Obvious sarcasm to those whom can’t figure sh*t out

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